Court: Fallon Stidd

Fallon Stidd makes an appearance in Lewis County Superior Court via HomeWAV Wednesday afternoon in Chehalis.

An Olympia woman made her preliminary appearance in Lewis County Superior Court on Wednesday on charges related to an alleged kidnapping.

Fallon A. Stidd, 39, was charged with second-degree kidnapping on March 11, a class B felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

The Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office and Stidd’s attorney for the day, Rachael Tiller, were in agreement that a $20,000 unsecured bail would be appropriate. Unsecured bail allows a person to sign a promise to appear in court and remain out of custody pending future hearings as long as they meet conditions set by the court. 

Stidd has prior convictions of second-degree theft, forgery, second-degree ID theft and possession of a controlled substance, all from 2019, according to the probable cause report.

According to the probable cause report, Stidd “was controlling the ‘operation’ of the house” in Olympia that was holding a kidnapping victim out of Chehalis.

The victim, after being booked into Lewis County Jail for absconding from court-ordered inpatient drug treatment, told detectives she was kidnapped after being pressured into meeting a man at a store in Chehalis on Feb. 28.

The victim was then taken to the house in Olympia that Stidd was alleged to be in control of. The victim told detectives she attempted to leave the house every day but her requests were denied.

Though Stidd was not present during the alleged kidnapping of the victim, according to the probable cause report, she was aware that the victim was being held against her will in the house.

On March 4 in an unrelated matter, members of the Thurston County Narcotics Team served a warrant for the house the victim was being held.

Judge J. Andrew Toynbee scheduled Stidd’s arraignment for May 7.


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