A recent entry in Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment’s online newsletter compiles statements from several RSE students defending the school and the statements JZ Knight, purportedly channeling Ramtha, made in videos at the center of a long-brewing controversy.

Several of the statements in the videos specifically mentioned Mexicans. The RSE newsletter quotes Mexican RSE students defending the school. Jaime Leal-Anaya was born and raised in Mexico and has been an RSE student for more than 21 years.

“I have never been offended by Ramtha’s style and methodology of teaching; on the contrary, I appreciate it for I can see how effective they have been in my own personal life throughout the years,” wrote Leal-Anaya. “Am I offended by Ramtha? No. Is he racist? No. Has he encouraged me to be racist? No, the opposite. He has taught me to love and see the goodness and beauty in everyone, including myself.”

Student Valeria Pena-Lamberta said claims made by Republicans against Knight are unfounded.

“I have never, as a Mexican, felt we were being prejudiced or anything of the sort, on the contrary, the School supports all races and minorities and promotes equality in all human beings,” Pena-Lamberta stated. “The real prejudice comes from those who intentionally try to discredit the School and label it as a cult, that just shows their ignorance and intolerance towards anything different than their own limited views and beliefs.”

Gay students also came to Knight’s defense after several statements in the videos were described as homophobic.

Dr. Ana Maria Milhalcea has been an RSE student for eight years, she said. She’s openly gay and married to RSE teacher Laura Mooney.

“There have not been anti-gay, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, anti-Mexican, anti-immigrant, anti-organic farmers comments made in the school, quite in the contrary, as my fellow students compose of an international audience from all walks of life, all ethnic and religious backgrounds and fall into the very categories that we are alleged to hate,” she stated. “Nothing can be farther from the truth, in fact the message of RSE clearly states that all human beings are of divine origin and that our separateness is a contrived Illusion. We are all one. JZ Knight and Ramtha have only shown profound love, compassion and caring towards all students.”

Mooney was also quoted in the newsletter.

“In my 25 years at RSE I have never heard or experienced any racist, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic comments or actions by JZ Knight or Ramtha. I certainly would not attend, let alone be a Teacher at RSE, if that were the case,” she stated.

Steve Klein, RSE’s event services manager, referenced his Jewish heritage in defending alleged anti-semitic comments.

“I was born into a Jewish family in Kentucky and grew-up loving my spiritual relationship with God and my family through Judaism,” he stated. “However, as my life progressed into marriage and a career in a Fortune Top 50 company, divorce, falling in love with another man and moving through those experiences to the loving relationship with my wife of 20 years and her family. I found fundamental questions about life not being answered to my satisfaction via the Torah and learned rabbis. I came to read Ramtha’s teachings in the mid-1980s where these questions were addressed and more with even more insight and understanding garnered. I am in my 29th year with Ramtha and am enriched with the knowledge I have gained.

“I was in Ramtha’s audiences from where the edited videos very improperly recorded. I knew from being present how all of Ramtha’s teachings came together in-context for the entire event, not from some spliced excerpts used by detractors for a political agenda.

“Yes, Ramtha can be unorthodox at times in reflecting to participants the extremes of our humanity, and in doing so, we can then become aware of our attitudes that run on ‘automatic.’ Once students are shown and provided that knowledge, we are empowered to change our lives. With the experiences I gleaned with Ramtha, I have become greater than a Jew, giving back so much more to the people of my religion of birth.”

If You Want to Read the Entire List of Statements:

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(7) comments


Why dont you release the video with your contex ? Secret teachings which make only sense to advanced unlimited humans ? All smalminded bigots might be offended?


I suscribe the main points of view of all the above mentioned and not yet mentioned proud RSE Students that correctly (as I did during last year thru this service and on the former online format of this Newspaper in several editions), in their own experience and words expressed and made precise statements to defend JZ Knight, Ramtha and stand-up for Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, against those who have links with former students and republicans that altered and edited unauthorized videos from JZK, Inc. and RSE, for their own collective and individual ulterior motives, even when at least two courts of law have pronounced about that case. No doubt that "justice always have been served to "Vigilantes" as JZ Knight correctly states in her last letter to the editor of Nisqually Valley News:
Want to read all the RSE Students?, visit the following URL with all of their own statements integrly transcribed from the original:

JA Ayala from Mexico, admirer of JZ Knight and her Great Work, as channeler, business women, teacher, philanthropist, and above all, impecable spiritual being with an authentic and truly direct connection to her Observer, as understand in quantum physics.

Long Life, deep Love and complete Freedom to JZ! [smile]


What cult's students DO NOT protect their deity?


Is anyone else noticing all the REACTION they are doing to the truth we keep spreading? New discipline? REACT YOUR DAY? The channel doesn't need a cell phone, but she can't seem to anticipate the future very well. Don't worry guys, we will keep piling up the truth, until there is no denying it anymore!


"South Africa’s Jenny Gifford to RSE critics on racism", check this letter from One woman that express very clear the point about what have been mistakenly said from the former RSE students and republicans about the subject they insist to persuade the public using the Nisqually Valley News as plataform of difusion and propaganda for their own agenda, without the balanced and exhaustive work and research from the staff of this Newspaper about others perspectives from the thousands of RSE students world wide. Here is the link to the letter from a long time student of South Africa:


JA Ayala from Mexico, admirer of JZ Knight and her Great Work, as channeler, business women, teacher, philanthropist, and above all, impecable spiritual being with an authentic and truly direct connection to her Observer, as understand in quantum physics.



JA, did you get a private session witch 'ramtha' while he was in Mexico? 'He' surely would have recognized all the support you've been giving! Maybe she should have made you the poster boy for the Mexicans? She seems to think that if she lines up one of each group she slandered to write how they weren't offended, she can imply that her words weren't offensive!


Traveling 2-3 times to yelm gives her the total insight. I get it only a trained ramster can handel jzs teachings in the right way. Everybody else can only be confused. Ever thought about linguistig programing ? Yes that happens at rse. You can call it brainwashing if you like. The proof is off the internet now discredit all the critics. Child molester irs cheats and tax fugitives write a recommendation.

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