JZ Knight Claims DNA Switcheroo

Ramtha's School of Enlightenment claims it has scientific proof that the DNA of JZ Knight, who purportedly channels the 35,000-year-old Ramtha, changes between the two. Pictured is Dr. Matthew Martinez, Knight's personal physician, as he collects cheek swabs.

Do JZ Knight and Ramtha have two different sets of DNA?

Knight claims they do, and says the results of DNA tests taken while she’s channeling Ramtha prove it.

Dr. Matthew Martinez took cheek swabs of Knight before she channeled Ramtha, and again, two days later, while she was channeling Ramtha, according to a press release sent out by Knight’s publicist.

Knight’s cheek swab samples were sent to independent laboratories in California, Florida and Missouri specializing in DNA testing, the release states. All three samples were exact matches for Knight, with gene markers of R1B Y DNA with QM242 with a DNA sequence of TACTGATCG, indicating a person of French European descent, the release states.

Two days later, the cheek swabs from Knight while channeling Ramtha were sent to the same laboratories.

Ramtha School of Enlightenment spokesperson Mike Wright said the laboratories required Martinez to keep their names confidential, “because they don’t deal with the public, they just deal with DNA samples from medical people.”

The Ramtha-DNA results were “dramatically different” from Knight’s DNA, the press release states. The results showed R1B Y DNA with CM217 with a sequence of ACCAGCTGC, indicating a person with American Indian and Viking descent, according to the release.

“The mathematical probability that three separate lab samples sent to three different laboratories would get the exact same DNA sequencing, two separate times, is astronomical, proving that the methods were scientifically sound and the results are truly astonishing,” the release claims.

The press release from the school claimed the laboratories were not allowed to release the DNA sample results to the public due to federal HIPAA regulations. Wright said that was a mistake, and that Knight has released all the information she’s received so far.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the DNA from JZ Knight in her everyday life and from Ms. Knight when she was channeling Ramtha demonstrate an incredibly rare scientific phenomenon,” Martinez said. “There is no debate — the DNA samples indicate completely different people.”

Martinez is Knight’s personal physician, Wright said. He has made several presentations at RSE and attended events at the school, he said.

When asked how people know both DNA results were taken from Knight’s cheeks and not someone else, Wright said, “The short answer is they’re not going to know, because they were not there. People that don’t believe a licensed physician in the state of Washington who is staking his license about these claims about his patient, they’re not going to believe anybody anyhow.”

Martinez is interested in further research, Wright said. He’s consulting with a fourth lab that has indicated it would be willing to release its name, but arrangements are still being made, he said.

“We’re all delighted with the results, and we all want to do further research and see how it unfolds,” he said.

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"Viking decent" what a joke. How about Scandanavian decent. You could be living in dark age Norway and still not be a Viking. To go "a viking" ment you went raiding. This Scamtha stuff gets more goofy .time you publish an article about her nibbs. Why does your paper offer so much free press to the cult? Are the staff active members of the RSE?


At what point do you stop using the term "while purportedly channeling Ramtha," Steven.




When JZ proves it by either 1) having "ramtha" walk out on stage, not a female Tacoma con artist or 2) Having tests done in labs with impartial and authentic scientists, or 3) making any prediction other than "one day it might snow in Italy" or something she saw on the Discovery channel. JZ Knight is a joke to anyone other than indoctrinated people and we hope you wake up one day Jason. Until then, "who purports to channel" is generous. It should read "who continues to lie and defraud the community." Oh yes, the NVN has bent over backwards to let JZ make a fool out of herself. It would be very comical if not for how many people have been left destitute and sick by her "teachings". This time however I have noticed that even her most loyal are questioning this DNA nonsense. Perhaps some sense is finally emerging.


only after she would open herself up to unbiased scientific testing would i consider dropping the term. The last Dr. she hired, ian wickramasekera, to observe the "phenomenon" didn't publish any of his findings. He was jailed shortly thereafter for raping several of his young female patients.



sweet concerns

@CaptainHowdy... I've wondered that myself. Also rumor has it, her doctor is her latest paramour.. lol.. this is too funny.


OMG! Why do you keep reporting this obvious grifter and cultist in the Yelm paper!
Please keep with proper news and not this bunch of paid for information that JZ knight gets


What a bunch of bull




Just wait until everyone finds out about what a complete fraud this Dr. Matthew Martinez guy is. He's been lying people for years. Now he happens to have a celebrity on his arm. He is certainly not going to help with her image.


Once again, JZ Knight & Ramtha have made medical history! Gives one pause at the implications. The utter malleability of the human body, as it follows mind is the stuff that miracles are made of. This should be great news for everyone because it speaks to the greatness of human potential. Staying tuned to further research.

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