A letter containing accusations against JZ Knight and Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, including that Ramtha through Knight allegedly told students to drink a concoction containing lye and to take Prozac, was released as part of a public record request last month.

The letter was released to former RSE student Virginia Coverdale as part of a public records request she made to Thurston County.

The letter, dated Nov. 8, 2012, was written by local doctor Brian Keay, who was previously in a relationship with Coverdale, to Dr. Diana Yu, who at that time was the public health officer for Thurston County.

Knight’s company, JZK, Inc., initially filed a lawsuit against Thurston County seeking to prevent them from releasing the letter, arguing that Keay was previously Knight’s physician and that releasing the letter violated HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and that the assertions in the letter aren’t accurate and are not of legitimate public concern.

The letter was released to Coverdale last month after JZK, Inc., voluntarily sought to dismiss the lawsuit.

Keay outlined six concerns in the letter.

The first is over Knight’s alleged alcohol consumption. Keay wrote that Knight is allegedly “proud to drink 5-7 bottles of wine at a single evening sitting” followed by “vomiting and urinary incontinence on stage.”

Keay wrote he’s concerned by RSE students’ devotion to Ramtha, which segways into his next allegation: that Ramtha told his followers to all take Prozac.

“My office and several others had inordinate numbers of requests for this drug,” Keay wrote. “JZ has a nurse practitioner under her wing who likely wrote the majority of prescriptions — so the exact number is a mystery. However, the concern is that hundreds of followers, ill-advised, do not have the wherewithal to question such uneducated advice, but flocked to practitioners with their demands simply on the advice of their ‘spiritual master.’”

Keay expressed concern about a concoction Ramtha allegedly told RSE students to consume in the late 1990s and early 2000s. One of the main items in the concoction was Red Devil brand lye, an industrial lye not intended for consumption, containing “untold industrial contaminants,” according to Keay.

Knight told students to consume “at least a spoonful” of the concoction, while some students “were chugging it” to advance their enlightenment, according to Keay.

Affidavits described students allegedly experiencing health problems as a result of consuming the concoction, including “significant” hair loss.

“JZ confirmed the potential for medical harm when she told them to stop in (2002) because they had ‘a bad attitude, which was making their hair fall out and getting sick,’” Keay wrote.

Keay alleged “numerous people” have refused medical treatment and died because they were influenced by RSE teachings.

“The dictum of the school is that death has little meaning, that a true adept should be able to heal themselves — medical attention is too often sought too late if at all,” Keay wrote.

Keay wrote he had one patient with a “gonadal malignancy,” which he said has an 85 percent cure rate with chemotherapy, and chose alternative treatment methods “only to beg to come back into my care many months later terminally ill.”

He alleges that because Knight “has been placed under inordinate stress, there is a great concern for what she might do.”

“As mentioned, she has regularly taught that death has no significance, this is just one of many stages in life … I have heard students say that if Ramtha told them to drink poison, they would do so.”

Keay asked Yu in the letter what could be done about the perceived situation.

“Ideally, if there were some way to restrain further business pending a thorough investigation, that would be optimal,” he wrote. “I’m not sure what those of us in the community can do, other than to be alert and take every precaution to not have a Jonestown experience here in Thurston County, being ready to jump wherever we can to assist.”

In a letter emailed to the NVN responding to Keay’s letter, RSE claims Keay stated under oath in a deposition that Knight was his patient and stated he had no factual basis for his statements, didn’t investigate their accuracy and relied on information given to him by other patients.

“Dr. Keay’s letter conflates hearsay and rumor,” the letter states. “He makes a diagnosis without an exam and he makes a medical prognosis that — almost a year and a half later — has clearly not come to pass: neither her business nor Ms. Knight’s health have ‘crumbled.’”

RSE’s response contends the letter violated HIPAA and was unprofessional.

“Coupled with his history as Ms. Knight’s medical provider, Dr. Keay’s medical opinions in the letter constitute a breach of HIPAA and the standards of professional conduct of the Washington Department of Health Medical Quality Assurance Commission,” the letter states.

RSE points out Coverdale was the defendant in a lawsuit brought by RSE at the time Keay sent the letter and said she made “unfounded accusations about RSE and Ms. Knight that parallel the accusations Dr. Keay made in his letter.” RSE also claims Coverdale worked in Keay’s office while they were dating and had access to the medical records of his patients, including Knight.

RSE also pointed to an email Thurston County Undersheriff Tim Braniff sent to County Manager Donald Krupp as evidence that Keay’s assertions are unfounded.

“We reviewed the letter you provided addressed to Dr. Yu from Dr. Keay, and there is no current investigation pending on the individual mentioned, and without firsthand knowledge, we cannot continue our investigation,” Braniff wrote to Krupp.

“As one can read in the rest of the Thurston County public record about Dr. Keay’s letter, the Sheriff’s Office reviewed his letter and found it completely lacking in first-hand knowledge,” RSE’s letter states. “There was no investigation because there was nothing to investigate. And a year and a half later, there is still no story; only more hearsay and rumor.”

Full text of JZK, Inc.'s response:

JZ Knight is a former patient of Dr. Brian Keay. In his deposition in April 2013, Dr. Keay produced a copy of the November 8, 2012 letter for both JZK, Inc. and Virginia Coverdale. He stated under oath that Ms. Knight had been his patient. In reviewing the contents of the letter, he stated he had no factual basis for his statements, and that he failed to investigate their accuracy in any way. Dr. Keay’s letter conflates hearsay and rumor. He makes a diagnosis without an exam and he makes a medical prognosis that – almost a year and a half later – has clearly not come to pass: neither her business nor Ms. Knight’s health have “crumbled.” Coupled with his history as Ms. Knight’s medical provider, Dr. Keay’s medical opinions in the letter constitute a breach of HIPAA and the standards of professional conduct of the Washington Department of Health Medical Quality Assurance Commission.

In his deposition, Dr. Keay testified that he relied on information given to him by other patients. What he failed to disclose in his letter or in his interview with the NVN in December 2012 – but admitted under oath – was that when he wrote the letter he was involved in an intimate relationship with one of those patients, Virginia Coverdale. That’s right, Dr. Keay and Ms. Coverdale were lovers, and he was treating her and prescribing medication for her.

Your readers will certainly know that at the time Dr. Keay wrote his letter, Ms. Coverdale was the defendant in a lawsuit based on her improper disclosure of RSE materials. Also at the time, Ms. Coverdale made unfounded accusations about RSE and Ms. Knight that parallel the accusations Dr. Keay made in his letter. Dr. Keay has also failed to disclose that while he was involved in an intimate relationship with Ms. Coverdale, she was also working in his office and had access to the medical records of his other patients, including Ms. Knight.

Not only is the information in his letter false, but Dr. Keay relied on his position as a medical doctor and purported to be communicating with Dr. Yu as a medical colleague. Yet Dr. Yu has never treated Ms. Knight, and Ms. Knight did not authorize him to communicate with Dr. Yu or to disclose Ms. Knight’s name or any health care information related to Ms. Knight.

As one can read in the rest of the Thurston County public record about Dr. Keay’s letter, the Sheriff’s Office reviewed his letter and found it completely lacking in first-hand knowledge. There was no investigation because there was nothing to investigate. And a year and a half later, there is still no story; only more hearsay and rumor.

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(30) comments


JZK's response is packed full of lies. Dr Keay never admitted to JZ Knight was his patient in fact he stated very clearly in two declarations to the court that she was not his patient. Also he made it clear in his letter that he had a relationship with me. It would be impossible for me to have access to records that don't exist..since she wasn't a patient she had no records. Also many a criminal cases have been made with no "first hand knowledge" however there are plenty of affidavits of ex followers that describe in detail, along with the chemical recipe for the poison, what was prescribed by JZ Knight. Perhaps if the county wasn't so worried about saving money, losing "donations" and potentially getting sued by Knight they might actually thoroughly investigate something. I hear the FBI is in town maybe they have an interest?


Virginia you are spreading hate and false information..as always.

The so called elixir is so dangerous that many company and suppliers sell it online.

You should become aware that you are literally embarrassing yourself every day more.




You are someone with an agenda and I feel for those who haven't realised it yet.


a bunch of drunk follwers mixing this up in the parking lot after being told to destroy the recipe and do it by memory is a scary thing. Followers became very sick and if you want to deny that you are as big a liar as your cult leader.


Pffffft, Why are you going after a person who was able to get out of the Cult? You must be a member the way you post and I for one and many many more people want
RSE gone! There are others who have worked in RSE and do more posting than Virginia. Wake or go away with your online sarcasm against an individual who has survived the RSE Cult!


Please provide all the readers with all the evidences and proofs that demonstrate RSE is a cult.

If you don't have them, then you can't say it's a cult so I am advising you to be careful with the words you improperly use.


Please provide the readers with proof that you are following a 35,000 year old Lemurian warrior. Thanks.


Pfffft, Why are you posting the scam of the century! This is the water that is suppose to cure cancer? For each one of the sites you have there, there are 20 more that show the scam it really is. No wonder so many cancer patients at RSE have died believing in just water. I can get snake oil if you need some? For RSE, I'll get a case of Strawberry Hill to cure their ills. White water gold cures your ills or is it the mind alone....Only Ramtha knows LOL!


This is not about the ORMUS curing cancer or not; this is about the fact that someone is stating they have been told to drink poison while that poison is nothing else but a mixture that is widely sold by many companies all over the world in every possible marketplace including *bay and Am*zon.

i wonder why, they haven't been taken to court for selling it. I also wonder why we don't have thousands of medical records of all the people who keep drinking it. I wonder, again, why there aren't thousands of affidavits from all those poor customers.

Maybe, because it's not a poison.


" I hear the FBI is in town maybe they have an interest? "

...what if they have an interest in you? At the end you and the DR are the ones involved in the investigation and the probe...not RSE


dream on pfffft ...we have all the affidavits we need for collaberation.


Believe nothing that a Cult would tell you. Any bad news is a big hit in the pocket book for RSE and JZ Knight Inc. They sue even when the truth is put forth by ex-students (video) and employees who can't believe they were suckered into giving money to JZ Knight. When Knight can walk down the hall and break into the voice of Ramtha, you know she is a phony and AKA "grifter".

"A grifter is a con artist: someone who swindles people out of money through fraud"
Win at Lotto or gambling after the class at RSE? Luck or the teachings of RSE?
How much did you spend to win at the game?


i was there. that are all facts. if the videos wouldent be made disapear there would be more common knowledge whats realy going on at rse.
yelm will go on to look the other way as long as there r crumps falling of jzs table. st pete will be there for the hurt students and jz will have sacked theire money. as long as she pays taxes and donates at the right spots she will get away with murder.


Pfft, you do more harm than good for your cause, and perhaps you should be careful what you post online. Maybe there will be attorneys looking your way, as you've stated on many pages how you own copyrighted material that was illegally copied and given to you by employees of RSE. I think you started it with "Everyone knows..." Perhaps it was you who sent the material out. Maybe to start up a whole bunch of drama and argument, that seems to be your zone.


Typical of you exes to twist things. I have never stated I OWN illegal material but I affirmed I know staff who copied material. There is a big difference.

And yes, they might look at me as I can say names and surnames of people who did it.


lets share here how this works at rse. jz comes out 'teaches' some stuff she learned from Vera Stanley Alder', Blavatsky , and other channels .... copyrights it and gives it legitimization through her claim channeling a enlightened entity called ramtha. mixing in lots of wine and some political views and medical advice, which is the real issue here. it is illegal to practice medicine without a licence. and irresponsible to advice people that everybody should take prossac and it will heal everything because you can't reconnect with the neuron net that made you ill. of course it is convenient that there is a nurse practitioner with a prescription block. but don't go to the catholic pharmacy in town to buy it. than she denies having ever said such a thing, backed up by some stary eyed devotees who just found the school and are not familiar with twelve year old teachings. if there is proof lets just confiscate it and burn it. ruin the Pearson who couldn't keep his/her mouth shut.


Again with Vera Alder and plagiarism? The school is a school of Ancient Wisdom.

I am quoting from the biography on the back cover of her books

" During a successful career as a portrait painter, Vera Stanley Alder began to investigate the Ancient Wisdom, as this revolutionised her life. She made it her task to simplify and summarise this knowledge, in order to present it to others. Since 1938, she has been lecturing and writing ; demonstrating, as one reviewer has put it, " a rare gift for condensing and syntetising the essentials of esoteric teaching ".


Thank you for your suportive post.


I wonder how a top secret recipe, from an all enlightened being, is so readily available on the internet? Did somebody go against the COP Agreement? Is JZK Inc suing them? I know people who paid money to learn that top secret recipe, and just like everything else offered there, can be easily gleaned off the pages of the internet!

Pffft, I noticed you quoted the back cover of FINDING THE THIRD EYE, by Vera Stanley Alder, perhaps you should crack the pages, she describes how to use your brain, and then perhaps you can come up with something original and intelligent, instead of quoting or using everyone else's brilliance....right down to your name here!


[beam] jingz..if you say the book teaches how to use the brain so I take it you haven't read it then.

" I wonder how a top secret recipe, from an all enlightened being, is so readily available on the internet? Did somebody go against the COP Agreement? Is JZK Inc suing them? I know people who paid money to learn that top secret recipe, and just like everything else offered there, can be easily gleaned off the pages of the internet! "

Exactly...You all are going on with this poison thing being secretly taught at the school and you just stated is available everywhere...lol...and none of those companies has been taken to court because of the danger of the drink...and no one died..and no one got injured...you might want to re-read what you wrote above as you have just demolished V & Co' delirium with your own words.

Thank you very much. I am sure you made your leader very very happy.

The quote is on the back cover of all her books btw


No where does your coveted recipe mention using INDUSTRIAL lye and the recipe under a lab environment is proven to be a joke...let alone being mixed by drunk followers in the parking lot. People got VERY ill from this. We have the affidavits. Your cult leader has been caught lying more times than I can count yet you keep wanting to tear down people who tell you the truth. This is called indoctrination. Since you only ever visited RSE a couple times you really shouldn't speak as an expert in this. You are embarrassing yourself.


I said it before and I am saying it again... all I have to say about you is LOL

You are stating things and facts about me that are completely false and that you clearly made up; aspect which shows who you really are, who the real liar is and who is the one embarrassing herself.

But inventing things is totally your style Virginia, isn't it?

The way you effortlessly fabricate your affirmations out of thin air just to suit your purposes and agenda still leaves me speechless whereas, on the other side, it's , in some way, a comfort because it proves without any doubt that nothing you say should be believed or trusted.


pffft...calling someone a liar without citing one thing I have supposedly lied about implies you either know its true...or you are 12 years old.

I have proof of all I state about RSE. You have nothing but a belief in a 35,000 old racist enlightened being....now THAT makes me lolololol.


Virginia is not lying about RSE telling people to take Prozac and make the lye drink. This is completely 1000% TRUE! I used to go to this school many years ago, I heard Ramtha say it many times and he explained the effects.

We ALL heard Ramtha say it - there are so many people that used to go to this school and many still do- Virginia is not lying. People are afraid to tell the truth - but she is not lying.

I don't know her story and I don't know her - but this is true. Ramtha told people to take Prozac and to drink the lye. My ex boyfriend is from Israel and he wanted to go back to get the sea water for many Ramtha people.

I thought it was very, very strange. I left this school and I am extremely happy and successful!

Many people know the truth!

Prozac and sea water with lye was taught at this school - plus many, many, many more strange things. The old timers of the school know the truth! We were friends many years ago - now it is just a passing memory - I never thought 12 years later - I would hear that RSE would denied this truth, how strange!! It was the "In" thing at the school - RSE always have to have a new thing to keep her people interested. I wondering what 1800 old century book she is reading now to teach from - what author works has she Memorized now, so she can say it is her own teaching.

Prozac and Lye - this I never read in any old books - no one promise this would create enlightenment. This is her One and Only original thought in 35,000 years!

Teach people to take Prozac and lye - surely they will wake up!!


VIRGINIA COVERDALE you just posted this about me " Since you only ever visited RSE a couple times" which clearly shows you are a liar as

A) you don't know me and how long I have been a student for

B) you made it up yourself and /or it's a hearsay

C) you keep inventing and fabricating things about anything and anyone just to hold your delirium together.

D) you always try, with your fabrications, to discredit every person who has a different opinion or experience than yours.

E) you go around waving your bunch of affidavits while constantly and deliberately ignoring hundreds of people who are stating the opposite

The fact is that you and all your friends, including those who write articles for you, don't care about finding the truth or answers, because if you all really cared about it you would also listen to those who are still happy RSE students and give credit to their opinion and experience.
In other words, a truth seeker, or someone who is looking for answers, would investigate and question ALL the sources no matter where they were from and then would let the public form their own opinion. On the contrary, what you all have been doing so far, is claiming yourselves as the accuser, judge and jury and you all pronounced your condemning verdict consciously ignoring the vast majority of witnesses and proofs.

What you have been doing so far is far from being a " driven by honesty " effort to inform people and wake them up; what you have been doing so far is altering, inventing, fabricating, editing, extrapolating, filtering, every sort of information you ( and your followers ) could put your hands on. But so far and most of all, what you ( and your followers ) have been doing is manipulating and there is no one on this planet more aware of that than yourself Virginia.

Besides the above, your empty allegations, are becoming as boring and repetitive as a multiple-time-reheated-dinner so I am sure you will excuse me for stopping wasting my time with you.

From now on, you will have all those " last word " comments and posts that you so often crave, the imaginary victories sprinkling your RSE obsessed. life with pride and joy.

" Last word " comments and posts, though, not earned with the truth of your statements, but given to you by those who, consciously aware , decided to ignore even your own existence.


Well at least point one was an actual fact you are disputing. I will not use your real name but your rhetoric is consistent, almost identical to the women who has been on AB and who admitted has only attended RSE "a few times". I do apologize if that is not correct...although I'm not sure it isn't. Its difficult when you don't want to use your real name.

C) you give no examples..another generalization. I guess I am delerious, not you who believe in a 35,000 year old warrior speaking through Judy Darlene Hampton.

D) Again, general, not specific. Please cite where I have "fabricated" anything.

E) Again affidavits from ex cult members carry a bit more weight then the followers trying like mad to defend the indefensible. I think the courts will believe them over the followers for the reason stated in letter C.

On your final note: I know we disagree. I know you believe there is an enlightened master teacher and you are thrilled to be apart of it. When I was indoctrinated I had a big smile on my face..happy as a clam. Who wouldn't be when you are the special people learning from such an enlightened being. However the difference is when the love and ponies and rainbows disappeared we chose to investigate JZ Knight's claims...all of them. After discovering one lie after another lie after another lie we wanted to warn others...we believed that it just might bother you to learn what we had learned. Many it did bother, many woke up and got out and are still working through what actually happened to their minds. Sadly many others as is typical with high demand groups have hunkered down into their position and no matter how much evidence to the contrary is presented you will believe this is real and we are trying to ruin this amazing experience. I don't want to ruin your happiness. I want it to be built on truth and love, I am very sad when I see good people so stuck. I want you to know I do care, I am not trying to hurt any of you...I am trying to let information come out and then you get to decide whether or not that matters. You have still not scene so much because JZ has been successful in getting the court to put it under seal. That will not last. In the meantime you can disagree with us but I hope you recognize that we believe she is a fraud. We know it. And we are only trying to spare others the financial, physical, and mental damage that awaits you should you continue to defend the indefensible.


So whats the truth. How long were and are you at rse ? What makes you an expert to judge virginia or defend jz ? Nothing of what i can validate she writes is a lie or fabrication. Jz has to pull all kind of tricks to get the videos off the internet. When i saw them the shocking thing was not rampffft it was seeing the students how they sucked up this hatespeach and were entertained by it. Nobody of the students has the guts to stand for the truth. I only hear denial. I understand that 15 year students cant seriosly question their believes and they are entiteled to have them. So do exstudents and people not joining your cult. So what did you do when ramtha said everybody should be on prosac to make his work easier ? Have you been there ? Did you decide thats not for you? Or did you take it without Question?


Pfft, just an FYI, that quote is NOT on the back of ALL Vera's books! I have them all, and yes, I have read them! That seems to be a pattern with you. Making statements of fact where there are none! I am not surprised, it seems to be the culture of RSE. You would be surprised what you can learn when you move away from your recommended reading list.


Clearly I have a SPECIAL edition of them then as it's on the back of ALL the ones I have...bye bye


Well those imaginary 'special editions' only have value if you crack the pages and ingest the knowledge! You may want to start with the one that has the chapter on integrity, you would find it useful when writing comments for all the world to see!


Fascinating. RSE students have actually been maneuvered into supporting drinking poison....and are defending it! LOL!

I guess there is checkmate....and then there is checkmate.

They really have no clue how embarrassingly brain-dead stupid they sound. Wow!

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