An appeals court has ruled against former Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment student Virginia Coverdale in her appeal of JZK, Inc.’s lawsuit against her.

While the court affirmed orders denying motions by Coverdale and granting a summary judgment in favor of JZK, Inc., the Yelm company owned by JZ Knight, the court did partially reverse a contempt order against Coverdale, and is remanding the matter back to the Superior Court for reconsideration.

JZK, Inc.’s attorney, Andrea McNeely, said her clients were pleased with the ruling.

“We were glad to see that the Court of Appeals rightly affirmed Judge Tabor’s rulings in favor of JZK, Inc. and strongly enforced the clear promise that Coverdale made not to take or use JZK, Inc.’s teachings without permission,” McNeely said in an email.

Coverdale said she will appeal to the state Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has the option to not take Court of Appeals cases, with the exception of death penalty cases, according to the court’s website.

“We obviously disagree with the ruling on many fronts and will most likely appeal to the Washington state Supreme Court,” Coverdale said in an email. “Typically the high court doesn’t take kindly to secrecy clauses in consumer contracts. In fact, they have already ruled that such a contract is unconscionable because they help to cover up illegal, and as in this case even dangerous, activity. I trust they would uphold their own previous ruling on the matter.”

In a separate case, Coverdale sued JZK, Inc. and JZ Knight. That case is still ongoing.

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