Pasado’s Safe Haven is running a free to low-income spay & neuter clinic starting at 6:45 a.m. Friday, April 12, in the Yelm Walmart parking lot.

“The mission of the organization is to end animal cruelty and one of the four ways we do that is the homelessness prevention program,” said Jenny Fraley, director of homelessness prevention at Pasado. “We feel like one of the solutions to the overpopulation of dogs and cats is targeted spay and neuter services.”

At the clinic, feral cats are free, while other cats are $20 and dogs are $55.

The day of the surgery, Pasado asks pet owners to do the following.

“No food after 10 p.m. the night before surgery, unless your animal is under 5 pounds,” states Pasado’s website. “Animals less than five pounds may have a very small amount of wet food early morning. Bring two bath towels per animal and any medical records if you have them.”

Temperature permitting, owners should leave their animals in their vehicles when they first arrive, until staff gives further instructions.

“You may bring your cat in any secure and safe vessel,” the website states. “Or we have cardboard carriers that you can purchase for $5.  If a cat escapes a carrier/box, we cannot be held responsible.”

To qualify for the clinic, participants must meet certain income-qualifications based on household size.

For a household of one person, the participant must make $43,550 or less; a two-person household must make $49,750 or less; a three-person household must make $55,950 or less; a four-person household must make $62,150 or less; a five-person household must make $67,150; a six-person household must make $72,100 or less; a seven-person household must make $77,100 or less; and an eight-person household must make $82,050 or less to qualify.

Walk-ins are welcome, but not guaranteed. Be at Walmart by 6:45 a.m. Reservations are currently full, but Fraley said there are often no-shows, so walk-ins are encouraged. Also, if there is an emergency that Pasado can address, that animal will be seen. The next spay station in Yelm will be June 28.

According to Pasado’s website, additional services are also available in combination with a spay or neuter surgery, with the exception being flea treatment, which can be purchased for $10 prior to intake in the morning.

The other services available include $10 vaccines; $15 Bordetella and FeLV vaccines; $10 microchip; $5 roundworm treatment; $5 tapeworm treatment; $5 cat carriers; $5 e-collars (included in dog co-pay); take-home pain medication (included in dog co-pay); $10 24-hour pain injection for cats; and a $15 FeLV test.

In the realm of requirements, Pasado’s website states that dogs must be at least three months old for medium- and large-breed dogs and four months old for small-breed dogs, while cats must be two pounds and transported in their own carriers. Dogs more the 70 pounds will not be accepted. Visit for more requirements and information.

“I really feel that every human being has the right to the unconditional love of a cat or dog. By providing the low-income spay and neuter services, we can keep these animals in safe and loving homes,” Fraley said, adding that people often have to give up their pets due to the cost of spay or neuter services.

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