The state Supreme Court has granted an interim stay of judgment for Virginia Coverdale in her case against JZK, Inc.

The court is still considering the motion before granting a final stay, said Coverdale’s lawyer, Breckan Scott.

Last June, Judge Gary Tabor ruled against Coverdale in a lawsuit brought by JZK, Inc. after Coverdale posted videos of JZ Knight, the purported channeler of 35,000-year-old Lemurian warrior Ramtha, making controversial statements about gays, Catholics, Jewish people and Mexicans. The statements were made at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment in Yelm.

Tabor made permanent a temporary injunction imposed against Coverdale that prohibited her from releasing any of the school’s proprietary materials.

In July, Tabor ordered Coverdale to pay $600,021 in attorney’s costs and fees.

Scott said lawyers for JZK, Inc. were seeking imprisonment of Coverdale as a possible means of enforcing the judgment. The interim stay prevents Coverdale from being thrown in jail while the court reviews the motion for a permanent stay, she said.

The superior court doesn’t have the authority to stay enforcement unless Coverdale posts a bond. Coverdale doesn’t have cash or assets, Scott said. The Supreme Court sometimes stays enforcement under special circumstances, she said.

Scott said her client would seek a stay throughout the appeal process.

“In this case I believe a stay pending the entire appeal is appropriate given the reprehensible collection tactics … since entry of judgment,” Scott said.

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The greed of RSE Inc is incredible! Show the truth of what happens in JZ Knights training gets you in trouble with the law. Something is backwards here?


"Reprehensible collection tactics" is a key part of discovering what JZ is really like on the inside. This is how she is moving in life, how she is giving and allowing. In my opinion, it sounds to me like she could use a few reminders from her teachings. Her actions are turning away pupils in disgust. She has been touted as the number one student. Wait until you get to read the whole list of harassing things she was doing! There will be a major march away from Yelm. Life is too grand not to go out and explore it. You will want to be your own leader when you see behind the curtain that no one caring was really there. Actions speak louder than words.


Wow, really? Let's see, Virginia signs a contract, violates the contract. WA. State court rules against her for $600, 000. She refuses to pay. Then the company that won asks for payment through the court. And some how, it is the company at fault?
Actions do speak louder than words.


Seems everyone's a lawyer these days! Once the signed contract is thrown out in the supreme court this locomotive of truth will pick up soo much steam, we will see who is on the side of right and who is on the side of wrong! The Supreme Court of Washington State has already ruled on gag order agreements coming out of for profit businesses, they are 'unconscionable'! Kind of an ironic word considering the teachings are all about consciousness and energy! Then JZK Inc will be left holding the million dollar bag of unnecessary discovery, which she will then of course pass on to her unconscious flock....


One does not have to be a lawyer to read the courts decision. The signed contract has not been thrown out, and most likely will not be. It is simple contract law and has been ruled on. Nothing in any ruling by the court has deemed the contract "unconscionable", that term was given by VC and her lawyer. So, the courts ruling still stands with Virginia liable.

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