Ramtha in Italy

Members of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment traveling group pose with Nisqually Valley News papers, a take-off of the popular Bon Voyage feature in the paper. At center is JZ Knight. Actress Linda Evans is pictured at far right.

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Yelm channeler JZ Knight is headed to Italy with purported channeled entity Ramtha in tow.

Hundreds of students from across Europe are expected to attend Ramtha’s Italy Realization Shop Aug. 15-18.

Joining Knight and her traveling contingency is TV personality and longtime RSE participant Linda Evans.

Ramtha will present his most current teachings to the students, according to a press release from the Ramtha School of Enlightenment.

The event takes place at the mountaintop venue Sportilia in Spinello, Italy, which was originally built as the training rounds of Italy’s Olympic teams, RSE Event Services Manager Steve Klein stated in an email.

“The venue is an ideal environment to experience new potentials, expand spiritual horizons, and capitalize on the mind’s natural abilities,” the release states.

More than 1,000 people from all over the world including New Zealand, Chile, Australia, Ghana, Australia, South Africa, and numerous European countries are expected to attend the Italy event, Klein stated.

Ramtha’s teachings will be translated in nine languages and streamed online to hundreds of RSE students across the world, he added.

The audio from the event is available in English, Italian, German, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, French, Spanish and Japanese, he stated.

“This is truly an international gathering, as the excitement builds and familiar faces are so thrilled to be here, along with so many new students,” Klein said.

He said he met a woman from Greece who said it was her first time attending a Ramtha event.

According to the release, the event, “teaches students to achieve fundamental shifts in personal reality in a retreat setting away from normal activities and distractions.”

Participants will have an opportunity to engage in disciplines designed by Ramtha. The disciplines allow one to test the statement that “you create your own reality. This allows students to experience their own personal truth and their own wisdom rather than rely on belief, faith, or someone else’s word,” according to the email.

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I guess the videos containing JZ Knights hate speech and threats to the Vatican to bury it in the sea never were translated. Pity they are losing students and must count of new business from out of country. They are not permitted in France however as the French government has but Ramtha's School on a cult watch list. [sad]

Spud islander

I feel so sorry for all the new people, if they only knew what a waste of money and time this farce is!!!!


Ramtha's School of Enlightenment truly is a remarkable place to learn, grow and evolve. I have been studying at RSE for over 11 years now and they have been the best years of my life! I am learning how to apply advanced neuro-sciences to heal my body, create wealth among other things to numerous to mention here.

I have wonderful miracles in my life that seem to unfold like my path paved with gold. I am a Christian. I follow of the true teachings of Christ and I love God.
I have created my own business that is healthy and that I love.

I never had any of these things until I decided to go to school and change. At RSE, I continue to learn amazing knowledge that I apply in my life and work everyday. I am so glad that these teaching are available to people around the world. I support my school 1000 percent!!


Nan, you forgot the disclaimer: "I am JZ Knight and I Approve this message" [beam]




nan, ja, ramtha al this fictional characters made it hard to keep track. are the lawsuits just for fun and having a good time?


[smile] [wink] [beam] More RSE students are joining them and Ramtha to participate in the Event "Ramtha's Italy Realization Shop" to gain more knowledge and refine disciplines and uplift Us thru practicing Ramtha's desciplines via Live Streaming exclusively by www.ramtha.tv, available for students all around the world.

two Isles

This is considered news?
In France and Germany, "high demand groups" are not allowed to hold their events because they are outlawed - and for good reason.

So take the event to Italy and trash the Pope and the Catholics and all the child molesters. Invite all of Europe for a staged event to bilk them of their money and give it all to jz knight.


I grew up in Yelm and graduated in 1978, there must be more news than JZ knight every week. I live out of Washington but my family still lives there. Roots are from the Original families in the community. I still read the paper weekly, and have to say I'm disappointed there is not more to discuss in the community than JZ Knight.

Can we please support Yelm in a variety of topics.


yelm is the hometown of rse. jz made it famous. finally yelm looks what goes on at her compound and what your rse neighbours think. yelm even allows her to put a permanent sign in the hwy 507 area. she is local news even if yelm residents wanna look the other way.


I am left in wonder at How the enlightened one appears in front of the Italian people when a couple of years ago he told them they would have 3 days to leave there as it was to be swallowed up! Same as the Japanese? Many panicked and rushed to Yelm, to be safe. What could possibly be the explanation? The timeline changed again? Can someone change the timeline to give these poor sycophants their life back? One fine morn JZ Knight will be confronted by her karma, and oh what a day that will be!!!


new events, new recruits, new money, new copied materials why should it not work out. every morning there wakes up a fool who wants to part with his money.


JA, google Vera Stanley Alder, her books were written in the 40 s and 50 s, you've never heard of her because her theories mark a striking resemblance to the knowledge you pay premium prices to receive. Always found it funny how they never made the suggested reading list? But then I found verbatum references in each book! Maybe the enlightened one inspired Vera? Like he inspired Robert Plant and Jimmy Page writing Stairway to Heaven for JZ? Although, "she's buying the stairway to heaven" certainly fits her MO. The meek shall inherit the earth Ramtha would say, so where does that leave JZ?


How friendly are JZ and Linda? Hmmmmm?????

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