Yelm Police Department

Yelm Police Department

Yelm Restaurant Management Victim of Hate Crime

A manager at Puerto Vallarta was the victim of a hate crime Tuesday evening, Oct. 6, after an unknown suspect entered the restaurant’s back parking lot and spray painted a number of profane and racist messages on their vehicle. 

A Yelm officer was dispatched to the restaurant around 11:30 p.m. to reports of malicious mischief. 

The officer made contact with the calling party, who said they came out to leave after doing payroll and noticed that their vehicle had been tagged. 

According to police reports, the writing was racial in nature and read “Go Home Die Mexicans.” There were also other vulgarities sprayed on the vehicle. 

The manager told police they hadn’t had any issues with prior or current employees. Police were eventually able to review portions of the restaurant’s surveillance camera system, but the camera was not pointed at the area. 

Assistant Police Chief Rob Carlson said there are currently no known suspects in the crime, and he noted that crimes such as these are a rare occurrence in Yelm.

Walmart Shoplifters Charged with Paraphernalia, Unlawful Possession of Firearm Charges


Two Walmart shoplifters were arrested on Thursday, Oct. 8, after attempting to steal merchandise. After arriving at the store, police found a loaded Glock handgun on one of the individuals, and drug syringes and methamphetamine on the other. 

Alex Short, 30, of Auburn, is expected to be charged with possession of substance (cocaine), violation of a protection order and unlawful possession of a firearm. Rachael Cook, 25, of Enumclaw, was arrested for third-degree theft and shoplifting, possession of controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to Yelm arrest reports. 

The arrests stem from a theft call that was reported around 4 p.m. at Walmart. When Yelm officers arrived, a manager pointed them to Short, who was walking toward his vehicle in the parking lot. 

Officers placed Short in handcuffs, removing the handgun from his waistband in the process. According to police records, Short had multiple warrants out for his arrest, is a convicted felon and was in violation of a no contact order with his girlfriend, Cook.

According to police reports, Cook was sitting in the store’s security office when officers made contact. Employees reported that she was caught stealing. 

Police searched Cook’s purse and reportedly found about 20 syringes, a spoon with residue and a small baggie of methamphetamine, among other things. 

Police contacted Thurston County Jail staff, who said they would hold Short but not Cook. Upon arrival, Short told officers he had COVID-19 symptoms, though no officer had witnessed symptoms during the call at Walmart. 

During the booking process, Short then allegedly told officers he had swallowed “a bunch of heroin,” according to police reports. Due to that admittance, the jail denied him and he was transported to Providence St. Peter Hospital where he remained under surveillance. 

Assistant Police Chief Rob Carlson said his officers watched over Short for two days in the hospital. 

Short was later booked into Thurston County Jail and, as of Tuesday morning press deadline, is being held on second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of narcotics. His bail is set at $12,500 for each charge. 

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