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A fight at Walmart on Sunday, Oct. 18, left a 33-year-old Olympia man scratched and bleeding from his nose and lip. 

Yelm police arrived at the store at about 10:50 a.m. after a store employee witnessed an altercation between two females and a male. The females drove away in a white car, the employee said, but the man was at a bus stop near Walmart.

The man, who said he is currently homeless but doesn’t use alcohol or drugs and appeared to be sober and cleanly dressed, told police he was being stalked by a large group of lesbian females who had formed a “mafia” style gang. 

The victim told police that the group had been harassing him for months and that his ex- -girlfriend had been converted to join the group and had subsequently kicked him out of their shared residence. He said he had been living at an Olympia homeless shelter but had been unfairly evicted. 

His ex-girlfriend, he said, began dating another female but broke off the relationship and took up with another female. On Sunday, the ex-girlfriend’s first lover and her friend saw the man enter Walmart and followed him inside. At that point, he told the officer, one woman purposely began a fight by punching and clawing his face because she is jealous and hates him for being a heterosexual male, he claimed.

The man said he has been attacked several times over the past few months by different members of the “mafia” gang. He told the officer he wasn’t interested in pressing charges for the assault because he feared escalating the group’s anger. He said he would return to Olympia and continue to hide to avoid more attacks.

The Yelm officer could find no evidence of a “lesbian mafia.”

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