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Suspect Treated for Puncture Wounds From K-9 After Fleeing Yelm Police  

With a puncture wound to his leg courtesy of a Pierce County K-9 unit, Yelm police transported a 55-year-old Puyallup man to the hospital then booked him into jail on Saturday, Nov. 14, for eluding police and possessing methamphetamine. Charges of reckless driving, possession of drug paraphernalia and obstructing were forwarded to the Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office.

Yelm police initially encountered the suspect, Jerry L. Davis, at approximately 7:33 p.m. driving a blue, two-door Honda on 103rd Avenue S.E. After making an abrupt left turn into the Walmart parking lot, police observed Davis driving recklessly and subsequently confirmed that his vehicle registration had expired in 2018, according to police records.

As the officer followed the Honda through the parking lot, Davis exited and began driving fast on State Route 507. The Yelm officer, believing Davis was trying to elude him, activated his emergency lights and sirens and attempted to catch him.

The Honda continued driving fast past Vail Road S.E. until it crossed over into Pierce County and soon turned onto State Route 702 where the Yelm officer was able to catch up to the suspect’s vehicle.

Davis would still not yield to the officer’s lights or sirens and eventually turned onto 88th Avenue South at 60 m.p.h. At one point, the Honda made several turns, lost control, and slid into a ditch but was able to recover and continued on 88th Avenue South.

Davis eventually turned onto 356th Street South and entered a driveway at 8411 356th St. South where he drove through two metal fences until he ultimately crashed into a pile of downed trees and dirt.

Davis exited the Honda and ran northeast through the field. The Yelm officer advised dispatch of the direction of travel, exited his patrol car and called for a tow truck to clear the Honda from where it had crashed. Nobody was inside the Honda where it came to rest.

As Davis continued to flee on foot, the officer requested a Pierce County K-9 unit who tracked Davis into the woods and apprehended him, causing a bleeding leg injury. 

Davis told the officer that the Honda was not his, and that he had borrowed it from a friend named Scott and said he had fled in the Honda because he was afraid he would go to jail for a suspended driver’s license. Medics on the scene determined Davis needed hospital care for a puncture wound, and another Yelm officer transported Davis to the hospital for treatment.

When the officer returned to inspect the Honda, a towing company employee said he had observed a white crystal substance inside a black glasses case on the front seat. After inspecting the Honda, the officer also found a white baggie and a scale on the seat and requested a search warrant from a Thurston County Superior Court judge, which was granted at 9:23 p.m. 

The officer transported the narcotics evidence back to the Yelm Police Department where a field test concluded the crystal substance was methamphetamine. A glass smoking pipe and blue scale were destroyed in the evidence room. 

Another Yelm officer transported Davis to the Thurston County jail where he was booked.


Shoplifter Flees Walmart on Foot, Only to Be Arrested Later 

A 36-year-old Olympia man couldn’t resist stealing a pair of work boots from Yelm Walmart on Friday, Nov. 13, and for his efforts spent some time in the Nisqually Jail for third-degree theft and first-degree trespassing.

At about 2:22 p.m. on the 13th, a Yelm officer was dispatched to Walmart after the store’s loss-prevention agent saw a man take shoes from the store, flee across a nearby field and into a house. The agent said the man was associated with a female during the shoplifting incident.

After speaking with the agent, the officer determined the suspect had run across State Route 507 into a housing area, but not into a house. About the same time, another Yelm officer located the female suspect and detained her near State Route 507 and Walmart Boulevard. The officer was not able to locate the male suspect.

The woman said she had driven to Walmart with the male suspect in a Mitsubishi Eclipse after meeting him at a casino. The officer subsequently determined the vehicle was owned by another man who had been trying to sell it but had not yet done so.

The woman consented for the officers to look into the vehicle, and in it they found an ID card of the man the loss-prevention agent had observed in Walmart. The agent advised the officer that the suspect had been trespassed from all Walmart stores in November 2019 and provided a receipt for the stolen work boots that were valued at $49.83.

The Yelm officers determined the woman was not involved in the theft, but she was issued a trespass warning from Walmart and advised not to return to any Walmart stores or she could be arrested for trespassing.

At about 3:26 p.m, dispatch received a call indicating the male suspect was in a field walking west on State Route 507 near the 16800 block. Officers arrived in the area, but could not locate the man. 

Then at about 4 p.m., a person at Long Shot Indoor Range notified police that the man had been inside their bathroom for about 30 minutes and had just left.

The suspect was walking north from Long Shot when another Yelm officer located him at 103rd Avenue and Grove Road. Officers transported the man back to Walmart, and the store agent confirmed he was the alleged shoplifter.

The suspect admitted wearing the boots out of the store but subsequently stashed them in another shoe box and said he found the shoes he was currently wearing in an abandoned building. The store gave him an additional trespass warning and advised him not to return. The suspect was then transported to Nisqually Jail.


Yelm Woman Arrested for Domestic Violence 

An impromptu skirmish on Friday, Nov. 13, between a Yelm boyfriend and girlfriend ended with the woman booked into the Nisqually Jail for fourth-degree domestic violence.

A Yelm officer arrived at the scene of the disturbance at 12:52 a.m. on Richmond Court Southeast. Dispatch had stated there was hitting and shoving occurring at the residence and that the man and woman were intoxicated.

On the scene, the officer discovered that the woman had just picked up the man from Providence St. Peter Hospital where another officer had just involuntarily committed him. Once home, the man said the woman became confrontational and attacked him by scratching his face and chest. He also said the woman had punched him on his cheek, which prompted him to push the woman causing her to fall.

The man said he didn’t want to prosecute the woman and that he was not a victim. The woman subsequently told the officer that after she’d brought the man home from the hospital he called her a “slut’ and began to attack her.

When the officer asked the woman why she had no marks on her face, she said that she was a good “fighter” and had dodged the man’s attacks. She had no marks on her face, neck, or arms, the officer observed.

The officer then contacted the couple’s female neighbor who had reported the disturbance. 

The neighbor said the woman was her friend, and that she had heard yelling and screaming coming from the couple’s residence but couldn’t decipher what was said. 

The neighbor eventually contacted 911 to report the incident, and when she entered the room where the argument was occurring saw the man push the woman backwards but observed nothing else. The officer discovered that the man and woman had been living together for four years.

Based upon the facts and circumstances, the officer identified the woman as the primary aggressor, arrested her, and transported her to the Nisqually Jail.

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