Yelm Police Department

Yelm Police Department

Man Steals Products From Yelm Dollar Tree, Later Busted on Meth Charges


A 22-year-old Roy man was booked into Nisqually Jail on Tuesday, Nov. 3, on one count of possession of controlled substances and on a previous Yelm Police Department warrant. 

Charges stem from an incident that occurred at about 5 p.m. that day. Yelm officers were dispatched to reports of a theft that had just occurred at the Yelm Dollar Tree, located at 906 E Yelm Ave. 

According to police reports, a suspect, later identified as Eric Elie, 22, of Roy, had stolen ice cream, cologne, headphones and a number of other items before walking out of the store and entering into the driver’s side of a black Chevrolet and leaving the scene. Employees were reportedly able to determine the license plate number. 

Yelm police were able to locate a vehicle with a similar description and plate number at the Shell gas station located just down the street. Police arrested Elie, and he gave the police consent to search a backpack near his feet. 

According to police reports, officers found the listed stolen items, as well as two glass methamphetamine pipes with residue. A small baggie of meth was located in his pants pocket. 

Officers then completed a trespass form for Elie, per an employee’s request, and later transported him to jail. 


Mail Theft Reported on Van Trump Avenue


A 27-year-old Yelm woman called on Thursday, Nov. 5, to report mail theft that occurred overnight at her home on the 300 block of Van Trump Avenue NE. 

She told police that her mailbox does not lock and that several pieces of expected mail were taken, according to reports from the Yelm Police Department. 

Assistant Police Chief Rob Carlson said good deterrents for stopping mail theft include checking your box often, purchasing a lock for your box and using post office box services.


Roy Man Arrested on Eluding Police, Resisting Arrest Charges


A 33-year-old Roy man was arrested Sunday, Nov. 8, on one count of eluding police and one count of resisting arrest after fleeing a traffic stop and later leading Yelm police on a foot chase. 

The incident started around 3 p.m. on Sunday near the intersection of 103rd Avenue and Grove Road. According to reports, the officer on patrol noticed a black station wagon heading southbound on Grove. It reportedly accelerated past the officer and was driving in the middle of the roadway. 

The officer proceeded to catch up to the vehicle, which was driving upwards of 60 mph. The vehicle was then passing vehicles and driving into the oncoming lane travel. 

The officer activated their lights, at which point the vehicle reportedly drove into the parking lot of a nearby AM/PM, which gave cause, according to police reports, that the vehicle was attempting to elude the officer. 

The chase continued southbound on Morris Road, where speeds elevated to around 90 mph, according to the police report. The officer noted smoke coming from the vehicle, and later lost the vehicle going northbound on 123rd Avenue. The officer eventually came around a corner and saw the vehicle, noting that the vehicle had likely crashed and was parked on a small hill. 

The man, later identified as Jacob Swan, 33, of Roy, reportedly exited the vehicle, looked at the officer, and began running toward nearby woods. 

The officer was able to chase Swan through the woods until he got close enough to deploy a Taser, according to police reports. The stun gun made partial contact with his back. 

Yelm police were able to make an arrest and later book him into the Thurston County Jail on charges including a Yelm warrant. 


Intoxicated Yelm Man Cited For Firing Gun Within City Limits


A 23-year-old Yelm man suspected of discharging a firearm multiple times within city limits was cited on Friday, Nov. 6, after he admitted to discharging his weapon in his backyard while reportedly intoxicated. 

Yelm police were dispatched to multiple calls of shots being fired at a residence near the area of Crystal Springs Road and Crystal Court around 8 p.m. Just a few days prior, Yelm police had been called out to the area for a similar call, though nothing came of the call. 

Officers drove to the suspected residence, located on the 1200 block of Crystal Court, and made contact with Hunter Smitha, 23, of Yelm. Police note that Smitha was visibly intoxicated and was slurring his speech, according to police reports.

He reportedly walked up to police with his hands in the air, then put his hands in his pockets. He was told by police not to do that, and Smitha noted that he just wanted to show them that he didn’t have a weapon on him. 

Smitha told officers he and a couple work friends were drinking inside, and that he hadn’t heard any gunshots in the area, according to police reports. He told police that he did have a 20-gauge shotgun in his house for protection.

He reportedly gave consent for Yelm police to search his backyard for evidence, during which officers found multiple .45-caliber shell casings. The officer deduced that a firearm had been discharged to the south or up in the air. 

Smitha agreed to show police both his .45 handgun and 20-gauge shotgun. Upon examination of the shotgun, police found that a round was loaded into the chamber with two additional rounds, according to police reports. 

Police also noted several boxes of .45 handgun ammo, of which all were full except for two boxes. Smitha then admitted to firing off the firearms the day prior though not that day. 

One of the people interviewed at the residence told police that they had thought Smitha had gone to the bathroom earlier that day when they heard shots fired in the backyard. 

Police confiscated both firearms, and Smitha was given a criminal citation for aiming and discharging a weapon within city limits. 

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