Yelm Farmers Market’s new location is poised to be a hit with kids, due to the management’s extra focus on their entertainment and wellbeing. 

Starting 10 a.m. on May 26, the market will feature dozens of vendors, some inside Yelm Community Center, and others pushing out into the park.

With the fields and courts so close to the action, the kids will have the unique ability to run around the park or play the games that the market will set up for them while their parents shop, said Jonathan Jamieson, 2018 Yelm Farmers Market manager.

“(The city is) also building a splash park — one that is going to be in the middle of the park — where kids can come and jump in the water like downtown Olympia has,” Jamieson said.

Furthermore, Jamieson said that the market’s opening-day plans should be a blast for all ages.

“Opening day is going to be a little more special because we have a little bit more planned than the average day market is going to be,” Jamieson said. “We’ll have a balloon artist, we’re going to have wood-fire pizza and a lot of new things that the Yelm market has never seen before. “

There will also be an opening ceremony, face-painting booth and two live musical acts.  Attendees can expect to enjoy amazing vendors and eat a hot meal, Jamieson said. Last but not least, he said there will be great produce and a “great market vibe.”

Beyond all that, dogs will now be allowed at the Yelm Farmers market. The previous venue didn’t allow them, but the Community Center does.

As market manager, Jamieson said he coordinates all vendors and local volunteers. He’s the go-to-guy every Saturday from May 26 to Oct. 24.

He said he has a lot to do in a short amount of time, adding that, normally, a market manager has from October to May to plan and organize the market.

New at the job, with just shy of two months under his belt, he’s got his work cut out for him, Jameson said. Moreover, he feels certain that last year’s debacle won’t repeat during his tenure. 

Essentially,  last year’s farmers market manger vacated the position a month early, leaving a few things neglected, he said. Namely, there were not enough market funds to pay for the portable toilet. So all the vendors rallied together and paid the bill so that the market could continue. 

Next, interested vendors formed a committee, found a new location within city limits, and named Jamieson the market manager — a position Jamieson says he’s ready for, given the way in which he views the market itself.

“What a farmer’s market does for a community, is it brings everyone together,” Jamieson said. “It actually shows that people want to get together, be friendly and be part of a community.

“The farmers market allows people to mingle and interact, to bring their skills, their trades and share their information. I think the sharing of information is one of the most important things.”

Any one who is interested in becoming a vendor can go to to sign up or for more information. 

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