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A domestic violence incident in Yelm between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law, 24, is now in the hands of the Yelm city prosecutor to review for possible charges of simple assault.

On Monday, Dec. 4, a Yelm police officer responded by phone to a Yelm woman who claimed that her daughter-in-law had punched her in the face, and the woman wanted to report the incident.

The alleged assault occurred around Dec. 1 during an evening of partying. The mother-in-law stated she would come to the police department and complete a domestic violence statement, but never showed up. The officer subsequently went to her home where the woman was in the process of packing her belongings and moving back to Indiana.

She told the officer that during the night of the alleged assault she was talking with her son, 25, who had just returned from U.S. Army deployment, when the daughter-in-law thought she heard her mother-in-law say that the daughter-in-law had not deserved the presents he had purchased for her while on deployment.

Despite her mother-in-law’s denials that she’d said anything wrong, the daughter-in-law allegedly punched her, grabbed her hair, and pulled out a chunk of it. The mother-in-law said she’d taken so long to report the incident to police because she was scared, and on the night of the alleged assault her son had taken away her phone as she tried to call police.

The Yelm officer later observed a series of text messages from the daughter-in-law expressing regret for her alleged assault on her mother-in-law, which the officer entered into evidence.

The officer later contacted the daughter-in-law at her residence and spoke to both her and the mother-in-law’s son. He advised them of their Miranda rights and alerted them that he had taken a report of domestic assault from the mother-in-law, but the daughter-in-law said the altercation was nothing more than mutual pushing.

The daughter-in-law stated that her mother-in-law had stolen makeup and other items from the daughter-in-law’s Yelm home where she was living while her son was deployed. The daughter-in-law said she just wanted her mother-in-law to move out.

The mother-in-law’s son said the night of the alleged assault that he had separated the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law without incident and that his mother’s phone was on the counter in the kitchen during the incident.

The officer collected statements from both the son and daughter-in-law, which were entered into evidence. The officer said he would submit his report to the city prosecutor for review.

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