The Knights of Columbus of the St. Columban Catholic Church in Yelm have organized a car show to raise money to buy winter coats for kids. 

Darren Johnson, committee chairman for the local Knights of Columbus, came up with the idea of a car show to raise money and is organizing the show. It will be held Aug. 17.

This is the first year that the Knights of Columbus have done a car show, and Johnson said that they are hoping for 100 cars. He said that they have been handing out flyers at car shows, and and that they are realistically expecting 50-65 cars.

“The more cars we have, the more jackets we can buy,” Johnson said. 

The entry fee for the car show is $20 per vehicle. There will also be food for sale and they will be taking donations. 

The Knights have a program called “Coats for Kids” that allows them to buy jackets straight from the manufacturer. The way the program works is that the international Knights of Columbus organization usually will match however many cases of coats the Yelm branch purchases. 

This means that if the car show raises enough money to purchase 10 cases, the Knights will purchase another 10 for them.

Johnson moved to Yelm from Olympia last year. He was previously in the Olympia chapter of the Knights of Columbus. The church already had coat drives every November, and because Johnson was familiar with the program, he came up with the idea of having a community car show and taking the money from the show to buy coats. 

Every vehicle that shows up to the event will be given a dash plaque that has been made for the event. There will also be contests with trophies for the winners. 

The contests during the event will be what is called “the outstanding seven,” which is the seven best cars voted on by the participants. There will be a “Knights Choice,” which is the Knights favorite car, and “Father’s Favorite,” which is the favorite car of Father Dean, the priest from the St. Colombian Catholic Church. 

The event is open to all makes and models of cars and is open for free to the general public. There is no pre-registration for people bringing their vehicles, although they do have to register on the day of the show, Aug. 17. The show will go from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

If this car show goes well, there will be another car show next year, with the hope of it becoming an annual event. 

For show information or questions, contact Johnson via e-mail at

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