Yelm Transportation Projects

The Yelm City Council approved an updated six-year transportation improvement plan on Tuesday, July 9.

The plan includes street and sidewalk improvement projects aimed at increasing pedestrian safety and reducing traffic congestion in Yelm, according to a press release.

“This year, the city has already completed the Fort Stevens Sidewalk project, eliminated more than 400 trip hazards on existing sidewalks throughout the city, and adopted the downtown corridor plan,” the city wrote. “In the updated plan, we look forward to the completion of the bypass, extending Mossman Avenue through to Longmire and adding multiple sidewalks to make our city more walkable.”

The Yelm Bypass, formally known as the Yelm Loop, is expected to reduce the amount of regional and truck traffic through town while “mini-loops,” including extending Mossman to Longmire Street, will further reduce traffic by offering route alternatives both north and south of Yelm Avenue. With the additional traffic flow on Longmire with the extension of Mossman, the transportation plan includes a street light at Longmire and Yelm Avenue, according to the press release.

“Along with street improvements, the transportation improvement plan accounts for many pedestrian improvements, including the addition of sidewalks on Mill Road connecting dozens of residential houses to Mill Pond Elementary and Ridgeline Middle School, Second Street sidewalk improvements to better connect the City parks and services,” according to the press release. “The plan also includes the connection of the Yelm-Tenino Trail to the Rail Trail which will connect to Roy.”

Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plans are a requirement for all local governments in Washington. The plans act as a guiding document for prioritizing projects.

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