Rape Reported at Yelm Bar 

A 27-year-old woman reached out to the Yelm Police Department on Thursday, Sept. 10, regarding an alleged rape that occurred at a local bar in late July. 

According to police reports, the woman told the officer she had arrived at the business the evening of Tuesday, July 21, and that the incident took place later that night during the early morning hours. 

The woman said she hadn’t consumed any alcohol but was drinking soda that night. 

She told officers that around closing time she began experiencing large gaps in her memory, according to police reports, and she blacked out. She said she woke up around 6:30 a.m. in the bar and found a 43-year-old man she knew who was on top of her and was penetrating her. 

She felt drugged, the woman told officers, and she noticed that her clothes were shredded and her face was bruised. She said she allowed the man to drive her home afterwards, since a friend had driven her there. 

According to police reports, the woman did not seek medical attention following the incident. She did provide police with photos of her bruised face. 

The woman told police she later confronted the man several days later, to which he told her that he couldn’t help himself. The woman heard through another friend that he had later denied the incident and told a “different story.”

She told officers that she did not report the incident until more than a month later for fear of retaliation. 

The case is currently under investigation by the department.  

The NVN isn’t naming the business or the suspect as charges have not been filed as of Tuesday, Sept. 15. 


Suspects Driving Dodge Durango Attempts to Steal Trailer

Two suspects attempted to steal a trailer near the 14800 block of 89th Avenue during the early morning hours on Monday, Sept. 7. 

According to police reports, a 30-year-old resident told police that a Dodge Durango backed up to his cargo trailer that was parked along the street. Two suspects reportedly got out of the vehicle and attempted to latch the hitch on to their vehicle. 

The suspects reportedly got about a block down the road when the trailer fell off the hitch and rolled down the road, striking another vehicle and coming to rest at that location. The suspects then fled the scene. 

The resident said front porch cameras from two neighbors caught most of the action. 

The man then posted the images of the attempted theft to a Facebook group where he was able to get an address off the vehicle that was shown. The resident then drove past the residence and confirmed there was a Dodge Durango similar in nature parked outside.

The person matched with the license plate number of the Dodge Durango is familiar to Yelm officers, the incident report states. Yelm police wrote they were unable to make contact with the individual since he may be in hiding due to an outstanding Yelm warrant for his arrest. 


Yelm Man Shoves Walmart Shopper Due to Personal Grudge 

A 42-year-old Yelm man was cited Friday, Sept. 11, for fourth-degree assault after he pushed and yelled at a Walmart shopper due to a previous encounter the two were involved in. 

Yelm officers were dispatched around 5 p.m. to the Yelm Walmart for multiple calls of a physical disturbance. Upon arrival, the officer noted two individuals were fighting and yelling at each other near the pharmacy, then near the grocery section, according to police reports. 

Police handcuffed Joshua Davison, 42, of Yelm, who admitted to being in a fight with one of the employees who was known to Davison through his neighbor. 

According to police reports, Davison told the Yelm officer that he was mad with the shopper because he previously attempted to hit his kids with his car in their neighborhood. 

That day, Davison had just gotten off work and stopped by Walmart for a couple items, he told police, when he heard the shopper's voice from another aisle. At that point, Davison reportedly followed him throughout the store and eventually began physically and vocally berating him. 

The victim sustained a red mark to his face though no other serious injuries, according to the police report. 

Correction: A previous version of this story misspelled Joshua Davison's name. That same sirens item has also been updated to reflect corrections in the identity of the victim Davison pushed. We apologies for these errors. 

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