The 2nd Legislative District Democrats on Monday reportedly published a now-deleted image to its Facebook page suggesting the Republican Party were Nazis, according to allegations made by the Washington State GOP on Twitter.

State Republicans at around 1 p.m. on Tuesday posted a screenshot to Twitter that showed what looked to be a post on the 2nd Legislative District Democrats’ Facebook page.

In the screenshot, the Dems posted a meme of a sign that asks “How are you voting this year?” with checkboxes for either “Democrat” or “Nazi.”

Dave Little, chair of the 2nd Legislative District’s executive board, wrote in an email that the post was not “created or sanctioned by the LD2 Democrats.”

“This is the first I have seen or heard of it,” he wrote to the NVN. “Individual members may have engaged in the posting without my knowledge or ability to censure it.”

The alleged post was removed from the 2nd LD Democrats’s Facebook page before Nisqually Valley News could confirm its existence.

When asked, Little wouldn’t confirm or deny whether the group posted the image and wouldn’t confirm if the state Republicans’ allegation was false.

“I am saying that members can post. And I am only one of the monitors on the site,” Little wrote. “Repeated offensive posts are often met with sanctions. I trust you that (has) happened. I am just saying that it was not an officially sanctioned post or part of a campaign.”

In a message Tuesday, Rep. J.T. Wilcox, R-Yelm, wrote that he saw the post on Monday and confirmed its authenticity.

Wilcox, who represents the 2nd Legislative District and is the House minority leader, declined to comment and instead said the Democrats’ post spoke for itself.

These allegations come about a week out from the August primary election.

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