Yelm community members young and old took to the corner of Yelm Avenue and Clark Road for a second day Thursday afternoon to protest the death of George Floyd, a black man who died as a Minneapolis Police Department police officer held his knee to his neck during an arrest last week. Protesters, many holding signs reading “Black Lives Matter,” held a candlelight vigil and knelt for eight minutes and 46 seconds — the amount of time the officer held his knee to Floyd’s neck — at sunset. The demonstration was peaceful, though a passerby at one point threw an egg at demonstrators from a vehicle. A full story will be posted later at yelmonline.com.


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Good protest. The only violence that happened was from haters on the road. I think Yelm would be surprised to see how much support the kids received...but not from the mayor or congressional representatives...hmmm?


I missed this protest and do not want to miss another. Is there a local contact here in Yelm?

This is an important cause regardless of your race. It's time we care for everyone and not just ourselves. It is so long overdue. I'm surprised at what it took to finally wake some folks up. Even more surprising at folks who can somehow continue to blinded by the police state that has been in the making since the foreign concept of policing was introduced in Phillidelphia from Europe in 1751 and it's slow but way too fast spread across this country.

We probably didn't need them then, but because we adopted it, it generated it's own need and here we are, far worse off than where we were then.

Be very wary of systems that generate dependency. Do your best to not adopt them and dismantle the ones that got by via pretending not to be.

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