A boat races across Lawrence Lake.

A toxic algae advisory at Lake Lawrence will remain in place after an algae sample collected on Aug. 31 showed the concentration was above the state’s advisory level.

According to an email sent out to residents on Sept. 2 by Thurston County’s Environmental Health Division, algae samples collected show a concentration of 21 micrograms per liter, which is well above the state’s 8 micrograms per liter.

This comes a week after the county recorded a concentration of 1.2 micrograms per liter at the lake. The lake would have needed to test below the state concentration level for a second week in order for the toxic algae advisory to be lifted.

The toxic algae advisory will stay in place and the health department recommends staying out of the water, the county says.

The lake has been under a toxic algae advisory since Aug. 10 when staff recorded a concentration of 43 micrograms per liter at Lake Lawrence.

When there is an algae bloom present, Public Health recommends extra precautions be taken to avoid the health risks posed by potential toxins.

• Avoid contact with water containing algae.

• Keep pets and livestock away from areas where algae blooms are present.

• When fishing, it is safest to catch-and-release any fish caught during an algae bloom.

• Do not drink water taken from the lake.

Learn more about toxic algae blooms and health risks at www.nwtoxicalgae.org or call 360-867-2626.

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