Near Emmons Glacier

In this photograph from 2008, climbers traverse Mount Rainier near Emmons Glacier on the mountain’s east side. A woman skiing down the mountain fell into a crevasse on the glacier last Saturday.

Rangers at Mount Rainier National Park last Sunday completed the rescue of a climber who fell into a crevasse while descending Saturday from the summit of Mount Rainier.

The climber was retrieved from 12,300 feet elevation on the Emmons Glacier, on the mountain’s east side, by the park’s exclusive-use A-Star B3 helicopter, according to a news release.

Officials at Mount Rainier received word of the accident Saturday afternoon via a 911 cellphone call. A party of three had climbed the mountain that morning and were descending by skis and snowboard when one member of the party, a 24-year-old female, fell into a crevasse.

Park rangers responded by helicopter, inserting six rescuers to the site, who used rope rescue techniques to raise the injured but responsive climber 100 feet to the surface of the glacier by nightfall. Two rangers spent the night with her on the mountain while the rest descended with her companions.

Sunday morning, the A-Star helicopter returned to retrieve the injured climber, who was lifted from a 35-degree slope using short haul techniques and delivered to a waiting medical unit at White River Ranger Station around 11 a.m. The patient has unspecified pelvic and back injuries and head lacerations, and was delivered by ground transportation to Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup.

The rescue was completed with National Park Service climbing and aviation resources and FD/AMR Medic 35 out of Buckley. Rangers will spend the remainder of Sunday retrieving gear and resupplying high camps.

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