Chris Johnson

With longtime Roy Police Officer Dan Rozier joining Yelm’s department, the city of Roy was down to Chief Darwin Armitage and Officer Tim Atkins. As of Monday evening, the RPD added Chris Johnson to the staff.

Johnson, 26, was named a reserve officer during the Roy City Council meeting. His wife, Stephanie, and 4-year-old son, Carson, were in attendance to witness the occasion; their other son, Griffyn, is the ripe old age of 1 so he did not join them.

“We’re very excited to have you willing to join our team on a volunteer basis,” Roy Mayor Michelle Walker told him during the meeting. “We really appreciate that. As you can see, we’re a very small city with not a lot of resources. It’s greatly appreciated when someone is willing to do that, so thank you.”

Johnson was sworn in by Walker as his family and Armitage stood nearby.

“This is the badge, it’s a shield and there’s a lot of meaning behind this,” Armitage said. “This is who we are, this is what we represent. The city of Roy is on there and your number, which is you, that identifies you as one of us. So welcome to the force, welcome to the brotherhood.”

One of Johnson’s mentors is Atkins, he said after the meeting adjourned. Johnson used to be a reserve officer for the Fife Police Department, where he’s also a corrections officer. After being told he couldn’t do both at Fife, Johnson still wanted to help a community.

Enter Roy. He applied on Aug. 8.

Johnson, who has worked with Fife for two years, has been involved with law enforcement since 2005 after becoming a police explorer for the city of Puyallup. Upon leaving Puyallup for another agency, he met Atkins. He’s also in the Army National Guard, enlisting in the military in 2012.

Johnson graduated from the reserve academy and corrections academy a couple years ago. He spent about a month last year in Chelan and Okanogan fighting wildfires.

“Being a part of this brotherhood and being actively involved in the community plays a big part in my life, even if it’s in a volunteer aspect,” Johnson said. “I’ve been volunteering since I was almost 15. Being engaged with the community is really big to me. My full-time goal is to be a full-time police officer for any agency. … Being involved in law enforcement is what I want to do.”

Johnson lives in Graham by Lake Kapowsin, about a 30-minute drive from town. He grew up in the Spanaway area and attended Bethel High School. One thing he likes about the small-town charm of Roy is “everyone’s involved with the community.”

The plan is to work as many shifts as possible “without my wife getting upset with me.”

“We like a small town where everybody gets together for community events,” he said.

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