Colorful rocks dot the snow at Paradise in 2019 in Mount Rainier National Park.

Two separate searches are underway for hikers recently reported missing at Mount Rainier National Park, the park announced Tuesday. 

The first search is underway in the Longmire area. Teams are reportedly searching for Vincent Djie, a 25-year-old Indonesian student who had been living in Seattle. 

“Djie hiked the Alta Vista Trail at Paradise on June 18, and he was last seen the afternoon of Friday, June 19, hiking the Van Trump Trail toward Mildred Falls. Djie failed to return home on June 19th and was reported missing to the Pierce County Sheriff's Office,” according to the news release. 

Djie was wearing black pants and a blue and white tie-dye shirt and carrying a small drawstring bag. To report information about his whereabouts, call 360-569-6683.

Park rangers and volunteers from the Tacoma Mountain Rescue are conducting ground and aerial searches, as well as utilizing Forward Looking Infrared Radar, or FLIR, to detect any heat signatures being emitted in the area. 

According to the National Park, most park trails are melted out to approximately 5,000 feet elevation, with patchy snow on trails and drainages at lower elevations.

The second search is underway at Paradise for a hiker reported missing after intending to hike there on Sunday. 

Talal Sabbagh, 27-year-old, from Seattle, was reported missing on Monday. Rangers located his vehicle in the parking lot at Paradise. 

“A hasty search was conducted on Monday resulting in no sign of Sabbagh. Search efforts expanded today to seven ground teams and the park contract A-STAR B-3 helicopter,” according to the news release. 

Sabbagh was last seen wearing a gray shirt, black shorts, and dark Nike shoes.To report any information, call 360-569-6683.

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