City of Rainier

City of Rainier

The city of Rainier has imposed a moratorium on the development or expansion of storage facilities and “bark yards” for the duration of six months.

The measure came about because the city anticipates receiving a heightened amount of applications for the expansion or development of these facilities and wants to sort out some zoning and landscape regulations for the city before any decisions on those applications can be made, according to city Ordinance 681.

“…The city finds that in order to ensure consistency between its existing efforts to update the landscaping regulations and address concerns with the proliferation of storage units and “bark yards” in Rainier, it in necessary to impose interim regulations,” the ordinance states.

During the six months, the city will research the subjects of bark yards and storage units and determine how to best regulate them.

Amending current zoning regulations could be part of the possible solution.

“…The city council believes that the adoptions of interim regulations promotes the public health, safely and general welfare and convenience of the people of Rainier and will encourage the most desirable and productive use of land and properties,” the ordinance states

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