Yelm City Hall

Yelm City Hall

The Yelm City Council passed an amendment Tuesday, March 10, to the city’s biennium budget that will allow the city to better reflect carryover items and unexpected expenses that have accrued since it passed a budget last December. 

Finance Director Heidi MacDonald said she was confident in the accuracy of the amendment due to the extensive review her department and the council have undertaken. 

According to a financial summary on the amendment, the city is required through its biennium budget process to review and update the budget routinely, specifically in March, July and August of every year to ensure accurate reporting. 

The city held two different public hearings to accept comments on the matter on Feb. 28 and following MacDonald’s presentation on March 10. 

Work on the 2021-2022 biennium budget is expected to begin later this year, with the first draft expected in October. 


Revenue Adjustment 

The City of Yelm was awarded two grants from the Association of Washington Cities. A $9,758 grant will be used for loss prevention and the other, a $500 grant, will be used for employee wellness. 

The amendment also corrected oversights within the city’s budget dealing with an overestimation of an Electricity Utility tax and erasing a duplicated fund for the Yelm Community Schools’ share of the school resource officer fund. 


Public Safety 

The amendment recommended the city hire a new police officer, at a one-time investment of $85,864, to cover an anticipated retirement. This is not a new position. The city will also be making an $11,000 update to the Emergency Management plan and will install a WSDOT traffic camera, estimated to cost about $12,000, at the intersection of Yelm Avenue and First Street. 


Other Adjustments 

Due to Yelm Timberland Library using its full two-year operations and management budget, the city will contribute an additional $25,000 back for the library. Their two-year budget from the city was $50,000, and most of those funds went toward an unanticipated HVAC repair and elevator repair.  The city owns the building, located at 210 Park Street, and leases it out to the library. 


Stormwater Fund

The stormwater fund received a $52,075 grant from the Department of Ecology. As for expenditures, the amendment added an additional $109,433 for stormwater GIS mapping. 

The city is also expecting $30,000 decrease in expenditures, due to the delay of a feasibility study on Bald Hill Road. 


City Streets

The city added a $25,000 expenditure for emergency weather response. 


YPD Community Resource Officer

The city will receive an additional $20,000 in revenue from the Yelm Community Schools district for its school resource officer program. Those funds will go directly back into the fund’s salaries line item. 


Municipal Building Fund

The city added $250,000 worth of expenditures to its municipal building fund. $150,000 will be invested into emergency generators and $100,000 will be used to make improvements at the Longmire Park drainage site. 


Road and Street Fund

The road and street fund will see a decrease of $1,039,709 worth of expenditures, mostly due to the delayed construction of the Mosman Avenue improvements. Conversely, the city will invest an additional $140,000 into general sidewalk construction projects. 

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