Splash Pad

Water streams from the Yelm splash pad features.

Yelm city officials say that the splash pad, which has finished the construction phase at Yelm City Park, will open when the county is finished with its inspections.

“It will be open as soon as humanly possible,” said Andrew Kollar, communications specialist with the city of Yelm.

As of last week, the county was performance-testing the splash pad to make sure that everything worked properly. Once they determined the features were running properly, they were able to start the chemical balancing.

Also, the city had to send personnel to be trained on how to operate the equipment.

Splash Pad

A photo of the Yelm splash pad in operation.

“The testing and training went phenomenal,” Kollar said. “The next thing is the pre-operation inspection.”

The county has been asking the city questions such as whether there are enough bathrooms according to its guidelines, and the city has to supply the evidence to answer the questions satisfactorily.

“We have to prove that the surrounding infrastructure is there,” Kollar said.

Now, public works officials are working on the documentation required to schedule the pre-operation inspection, Kollar said, adding that is was “around the corner.”

In regard to the project as a whole, Kollar expressed satisfaction.

“The project is so unique and cool, and we are so happy to be a part of it,” he said. “But we are with the public on this one. We are itching to get it open.”

Meanwhile, the new play area at city park will be fully open beginning July 19. Up until now, the playground has been open, but it has been closed off periodically while the city did maintenance and irrigation work.

The fence that had surrounded the play area will be taken down for good July 19.

The idea was to preserve the new grass that the city had planted, protecting the investment while it really took root.

“We have a really cool park and we are just making sure that all the grass and features are there for people to enjoy.”

The park is open from dawn until dusk.

“We don’t want the park closed,” Kollar said. “We want it open. It’s awesome.”

He said he drove out there one day and saw 30 to 40 kids “laughing, smiling and having a great time (on the new equipment), and you never saw that on the other park. You saw maybe two. To see (more) is really special.”

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