A six-part series focused on the U.S. Constitution begins at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Rainier Senior Center. 

The series is sponsored by the John Birch Society. 

“This free, educational workshop will feature informative DVDs and group discussion of the U.S. Constitution, focusing on knowledge necessary to help solve the problems our country faces today,” the organization wrote in a press release. “Make plans now to participate, and invite your friends and family.”

Attendees can choose to attend all of the sessions or drop in when convenient. 

The senior center is located at 108 Michigan Ave. South in Rainier. For additional information, contact Gracie Sudano at 360-894-2516. 

The 7 p.m. sessions will occur Oct. 10, Oct. 17, Oct. 24, Oct. 31, Nov. 7 and Nov. 14. 

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It should be remembered that when FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover testified at the Warren Commission hearings he described the Birch Society as a right-wing extremist organization that does not deal in facts. Later, during a press conference, Hoover declared:

"Personally, I have little respect for the head of the John Birch Society since he linked the names of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the late John Foster Dulles, and former CIA Director Allen Dulles with communism."

JBS Founder and leader Robert Welch wrote the following comment in the June 1965 issue of the JBS Bulletin

"Our task must be simply to make clear that the movement known as 'civil rights' is Communist-plotted, Communist-controlled, and in fact...serves only Communist purposes."

When asked about that JBS argument, FBI Director Hoover replied by sending copies of one of his speeches to the persons who inquired about the JBS assertion. The pertinent section is quoted below:

"Let me emphasize that the American civil rights movement is not and has never been dominated by the communists--because the overwhelming majority of civil rights leaders in this country, both Negro and white, have recognized and rejected communism as a menace to the freedoms of all." [J. Edgar Hoover speech, 12/12/64, Our Heritage of Greatness, pg 7 - Hoover speech before Pennsylvania Society and the Society of Pennsylvania Women; bold emphasis on "not" and "never" in original document].

And when Robert Welch and the Birch Society claimed that our country was 60%-80% "under Communist influence and control". the FBI responded to thousands of incoming letters from alarmed citizens about that JBS comment as follows:

"The Communist Party in this country has attempted to infiltrate and subvert every segment of our society, but its continuing efforts have not achieved success of any substance. Too many self-styled experts on communism, without valid credentials and without any access whatsoever to classified factual data regarding the inner workings of the conspiracy, have engaged in rumor-mongering and hurling false and wholly unsubstantiated allegations against persons whose views differ from their own. This is dangerous business. It is divisive and unintelligent, and makes more difficult the task of the professional investigator". [Hoover statement in February 5, 1962 letter to Mrs. W.R. Brown of Bountiful Utah; also published as letter-to-editor in Tri-Cities Daily newspaper of Sheffield, Alabama on Sunday March 31, 1963. Copy of Hoover letter in FBI HQ file 94-1-369, serial #1676]


Virtually the entire conservative movement in the U.S. denounced and rejected the Birch Society as a right-wing extremist organization.

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