Fairgoers compete in Lacamas Community Fair’s egg-toss event, the final contest of the year, three years ago.

The “biggest little fair around,” better known as the Lacamas Community Fair, will be held Aug. 24-25.

The fair has been a Lacamas tradition since 1929, with only a few years passing without the event being held over the years. Fair manager Holly Wood estimates that last year 500 people attended the event over the two days. 

A press release stated the fair wants people to “bring in those giant zucchinis, grandma’s sewn quilt or the kids’ crafts from school. We want to see it and put it on display.”


Kidos test out their skills at engineering at they compete in Lacamas Community Fair’s Lego building contest during a past year.

People can submit their own, non-animal works to the fair on Aug. 22, from noon to 7 p.m.

The fair will be open to everyone, with the goal being to have some family fun, according to the press release.

Wood said she keeps managing the fair because there is always a child who is thankful that someone put in the hard work so that people could have fun. Sometimes a child will show their appreciation through a gift. Seeing that her work is appreciated is what makes Wood’s effort worth it, she said.

There will be competing events for people in attendance, such as watermelon eating contests, an egg toss, horseshoes and a penny scramble. The first day of the fair will have a cupcake decorating event, and the second day there will be lego building. Both of these events will be at 2 p.m. The cupcake decorating contest is judged by age group, 6 and under, 7 to 12, 13 to 17 and anyone 18 and up. 

“I love watching the kids run their stick horses through the obstacle course, the determination on their faces as they decorate their cupcakes and the smiles and the laughter from the young and the old,” said Wood in the press release. 

The event is held at the Lacamas Community Center, 32113 Eighth Ave. E., Roy. 

Learn more about the event online at lacamasfair.org/FairBook.html.

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