The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board on Tuesday issued an emergency marijuana producer/processor license suspension of 180 days for The Evans Group, LLC.

The Evans Group is also registered under the trade names Evans Cannabis, Olympia Cannabis, Olympia Cannabis, LLC, and Vertigro. The suspension is effective until Jan. 5, 2020. During that time the liquor control board will seek permanent revocation of the license.

On June 25, warrants were served at six different locations involved with illicit marijuana production, the licensee’s residence and the licensed producer/processor location. This case was led by the Tacoma Police Department, which requested the liquor board’s participation.

Law enforcement found that The Evans Group was linked to illicit grows in multiple locations throughout the south Puget Sound area, including locations in Thurston and Pierce counties. More than 4,000 plants (including clones) were found at these illicit locations. The licensee has a previous violation history involving traceability.

The infractions that led to the emergency license suspensions include:

• Approximately 60 pounds of product based on weight was missing from the licensed location

• Traceability tags from the licensed grow were found on products identified as “destroyed” in the traceability system, containers being used at an illicit grow, a clipboard next to clones being reused as plant tags and plants that were not consistent with normal cannabis growth patterns

• Unused labels used by the licensed location, with their identifying product name, were found at an illicit grow

• Invoices for work at an illicit grow were found addressed to the licensee at the illicit grow

“This emergency suspension was issued in the interest of public safety associated with criminal activity associated with the illicit market,” the liquor control board wrote in a press release. “Emergency suspensions represent an extraordinary exercise of the state’s power and the WSLCB is mandated to ensure that an emergency suspension is reasonable, justifiable and legal in every way. This is the first marijuana-related emergency suspension issued this year by the WSLCB, there were four overall in 2018.”

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