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A 22-year-old Yelm man was booked into the Nisqually Corrections Facility during the early hours of Thursday, May 7, for allegedly resisting arrest after being stopped by Yelm police for having a felony warrant. Officers say he acted belligerent and was grabbing for a knife.

At about 1 a.m., Yelm officers stopped a vehicle near the 9200 block of Wilkensen Road. Police found that the vehicle’s owner, Anthony Bouret, was the subject of a felony Department of Corrections warrant after running the plates.

As officers approached the vehicle, the driver identified his passenger as “Anthony,” who would later be identified as Ontonio Clark.

“I walked around the vehicle and made contact with Anthony, who was now asleep. Anthony was awake just prior to the traffic stop,” an officer wrote in his report.

Officers asked Clark to step outside the vehicle. When he asked why, police informed him there was a warrant for his arrest. Clark allegedly refused to open up the door, and rolled up his window.

Officers gave Clark one last order to open up the door. Officers then attempted to break open the window, but were unsuccessful. Quickly after the officer struck the door, Clark unlocked it.

“As Anthony unlocked the door, he dove his right and left hands down to his left hip or waist area. As Anthony did this, I entered the vehicle and took hold of both of his wrists,” a narrative by the officer states. “I undid Anthony’s seatbelt and started to escort him out of his vehicle. As I was escorting Anthony out of the vehicle he attempted to lock his legs and keep himself inside the vehicle.”

Officers were able to put Clark chest-down on the asphalt. He allegedly attempted to reach for his left pocket as he was being detained.

“At this point, Officer Bard joined me and assisted me in detaining Anthony. Once Anthony was detained, I removed a 5-inch knife off his left waistband,” the officer’s report states.

Officers then identified Anthony as Ontonio Clark. He allegedly continued to resist as he was being handcuffed, continued to be belligerent and started to cry.

Officers booked him into the corrections facility without incident.

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