Yelm Teen Attempts Runaway to Internet Partner in Ohio

A 16-year-old Yelm runaway who attempted to drive to Ohio to be with her boyfriend was found safe in Montana on Sunday, just a day after her parents reported her missing. 

She and the vehicle were found by Rosebud County deputies near Ashland. Her vehicle was stopped at a gas station off U.S. Route 212 because it had a flat tire, according to police reports. 

The Yelm Police Department was initially notified of the Yelm teen’s disappearance on Saturday, Oct. 3. The teenager’s mother called at about 3 a.m. to report that her daughter had gone missing and that she had taken her red 2011 Dodge Durango without permission. 

The woman said she had last seen her daughter a little after midnight before she went to sleep. When she awoke at 3 a.m., she noticed that her daughter was gone and that she had left a note saying that she was going to Los Angeles, according to police reports. 

She told the Yelm officer that she’s not sure why her daughter would go to L.A. since they have no ties to the location. The Yelm teen also reportedly didn’t know how to drive.

Later that day, around 5:30 p.m., Yelm officers called the mother back after speaking with the teen’s father. The mother said she was able to access most of her daughter’s online content except for her Kik account. Kik is a messaging application, and the mother said she contacted the company in an attempt to get access. 

The mother told officers it was possible someone helped her daughter or picked her up as the teen was talking to a male located in Ohio online. She told officers she believed that was where her daughter was headed. 

At around 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, officers received a list of the teen’s cellphone contacts and began making calls down the list in an effort to get information. The police noticed within the contact list that there was a male with an address in Nile, Ohio. 

Yelm officers reached out to the local police department, telling them to reach out to the male and found out that they had updated information about the teen. The department told the Yelm officer that she was in Montana and was broken down on the side of the highway, according to police reports. 

Yelm police were able to get in contact with the county sheriff’s department and confirm she was OK. According to the police reports, the parents then began making their way to Montana. 


Yelm Police: Gatherings at Salmon Run Apts. Continue to Be Nuisance for Community, Officers

Repeated large gatherings over the last two weeks at a Salmon Run Apartments unit have become a nuisance to the community and officers, Assistant Police Chief Rob Carlson said. 

At least one arrest for disorderly conduct and three calls to the residence have been made over the last two weeks, Carlson said, with attendees becoming more vocally hostile and uncooperative with police during each encounter. 

Yelm officers were most recently called out to the complex on Monday, Sept. 28, at around 9:30 p.m. due to noise complaints. As the officer arrived at the location, he reportedly witnessed about 12 to 15 individuals gathered in the parking lot and standing around vehicles. 

According to police reports, there was a large amount of trash and empty beer cans in the parking lot. The property manager told police she had previously asked them to leave on three separate occasions and that she wanted all of them trespassed. 

Upon visiting the apartments, Yelm officers were met with hostility. One woman, later identified as a 21-year-old Hayward, Calif., woman, told everyone to not identify themselves and later told the officer “F--- the police” while pointing her middle finger in their face. 

The officer later cited the woman with a disorderly conduct charge. 

In the police report, the officer mentioned he had recognized many of the individuals from past calls at this location. One of the individuals, a 27-year-old Olympia man, reportedly became increasingly angry and belligerent and began swearing at the officer. The man was trespassed from the property, but he tore up his copy of the citation shortly after receiving it. 

Many of the individuals hanging out at the apartment complex claimed to be living there, though a police interview with another tenant said they didn’t and that they had, in one way or another, ties to people living at the apartment. 

In an interview with the Nisqually Valley News, Carlson said the confrontations were becoming increasingly problematic. He added that he knows that neither the community, nor the residents, are accepting of the group’s behavior.

“The bottom line is that they have the right to assemble, but only if it’s lawful,” he said. “It seems to continue every day.” 


Yelm Woman Loses $300 in Facebook Puppy Scam 

A 39-year-old Yelm woman was the victim of a fraudulent Facebook page that was reportedly attempting to sell goldendoodle dogs. She told officers she had sent the owners of the page $300 as a deposit on a dog through Google Pay. 

Yelm officers were called to the incident at around 9 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 28. According to police reports, the woman told officers she made contact with the page, titled “Golden doodle puppies for sale or adoption,” and made a deposit in order to reserve the dogs. 

After receiving a sketchy contract from the alleged seller, the woman started to believe it was a scam. She reached out multiple times in an attempt to get her money back, but the seller was vague about the transaction. 

As of press time, there was no suspect information available. 


Maple Valley Man Awakens in Yelm Parking Lot to Truck Missing

A 33-year-old Maple Valley man who slept in his 1991 Chevrolet pickup truck overnight in Yelm reported his vehicle as missing after he awoke the next day, wandered off to urinate and came back to discover it was gone.

A Yelm officer was dispatched around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 1, to a man located near the intersection of Yelm Avenue and 103rd Avenue Southeast. According to police reports, the man seemed upset and said his truck was missing. 

He told officers that he and a good friend drove from Seattle to the Red Wind Casino the night before and had stopped at a parking lot near the White Horse Tavern to get some sleep before the drive back. 

He’d reportedly awoken that morning and attempted to find a spot far away to urinate. He noted that it was very foggy that morning and difficult to get around, and that when he came back his vehicle and his friend were gone. 

He told the officer that he wanted to report the vehicle as stolen. The Seattle Police Department notified YPD the next day that the vehicle had been found. 

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