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The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office announced in a press release Thursday that there are now 800 registered sex offenders living within the county.

That included 33 level three sex offenders, the category deemed most likely to reoffend. Of those, nine are transient. There are 613 level one offenders, with 47 being transient, and 82 level two sex offenders, of which 18 are transient.

Man Registers as Level 3 Sex Offender in Thurston County; Two Register as Transient

“Sex offender levels are determined by taking into account several factors about the offender and the nature of his or her crime in order to determine possible risks to the community at large,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

The total number of registered sex offenders in Thurston County is 802 with 74 being transient. About 90 percent of the transient offenders live within the city limits of cities throughout the county.

Thurston County Sex Offender Accused of Abusing Cat, Attempting to Use Kitten to Lure Woman

Level one sex offenders are believed to be a low risk to reoffend and are not published on the state sex offender registry unless transient or out of compliance.

Level two sex offenders are considered to be a moderate risk to reoffend and their information is published on the state wide sex offender registry website.

Level three sex offenders are thought to be at the highest risk to reoffend.

For more information on sex offenders in Washington, visit

Five Sex Offenders Register as Transient in Thurston County
Five Sex Offenders Register as Transient in Thurston County

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