Ramtha School of Enlightenment spokesperson and teacher Mike Wright gives a campus tour last November during one of RSE’s free events.

Staff at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, the internationally known new-age school headquartered in Yelm, has announced the cancellation of multiple events following the continued spread of coronavirus abroad. 

The announcement of the cancelations came through RSE’s email list and social media on Monday. Members of the school regularly attend and host classes around the globe. A free introduction course set for April 4, one of the school’s most well-attended events locally, was among those cancelled. 

Mike Wright, a spokesman with the school, said the move is a safety measure to help mitigate possible contraction and spread of the virus. 

“We’re an international destination,” he said. “It seemed a reasonable choice to take a hit on live events when we can continue with streamed events.”

Wright said there have been no reports of international RSE students contracting the virus.

Here is the list as published by RSE. Events streamed online will continue as scheduled, staff said: 

• Friday, Feb. 28: A documentary screening scheduled on the Yelm campus has been canceled. 

• Saturday, Feb. 29: A Q&A event with school founder JZ Knight has been changed to being streamed online only and the campus will be closed. 

• Thursday, Feb. 5: “Moments with the Master” event has been postponed. 

• Friday, March 6, through Sunday, March 8: “Personal Discipline Days” has been canceled. 

• Sunday, March 8, through Saturday, March 15: “Legacy 2.0” has been changed to stream online only. 

• Saturday, April 4: RSE’s free introductory course has been canceled. 

• Through April: All “World Tour” live events have been canceled. 

International live events starting with the “Yelm Class 101” scheduled from April 27 through May 2 will remain on schedule, the email states, but pre-registration has since closed. 

The 2019 novel coronavirus is a person-to-person virus that has spread substantially throughout the Chinese inland in recent months, where it was originally found in December of last year through a cluster of pneumonia cases. 

According to a Feb. 20 statement by the World Health Organization’s director-general, China has reported more than 74,675 cases of the virus and there have been more than 2,100 deaths reported in the country. 

Joint efforts by the World Health Organization and countries have been established to combat the spread of the virus.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the best way to prevent contracting coronavirus is to avoid close contact with those who are sick, wash your hands often, stay home when you’re sick and cover coughs or sneezes with a tissue. 

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