Senior running back Carson Amendt makes a rush in the second quarter against the Capital Cougars. The Yelm Tornados upset Capital at home during their homecoming game, 49-20. 

Yelm Tornados (3-0 League; 3-2) — 21, 14, 7, 7 — 49

Capital Cougars (2-1 League; 2-3) — 0, 0, 14, 6 — 20

As if Yelm’s Homecoming night win against Gig Harbor last week wasn’t celebration enough, the Tornados (3-0 SSC) got to work early Friday night at Ingersoll Stadium, securing a 21-0 start in the first quarter and ultimately crashing the Capital Cougars’ homecoming game 49-20. 

Senior Sylas Franklin led the Tornados’ explosive start, receiving the ball at kickoff and rushing 80 yards to the Cougars' end zone for a kick return, quickly ringing in the evening’s first touchdown. 

“My call was to go up the middle. So I go up the middle, and I see an opening on the outside around the two guys. So, I just took it and just turned on the jets and went,” said the 5-foot-10, 160-pound senior. 

Senior cornerback Eli Osso secured a fumble at the Cougars’ 20-yard line, and senior running back Carson Amendt would find the 10-yard rush the next play to give Yelm their two-touchdown lead. Amendt found the end zone again later in the quarter, giving Yelm a three-touchdown lead. 

The Tornados led the Cougars 35-0 going into halftime. Capital had five turnovers.

The Cougars found their first score on a 19-yard rush early in the second half. Next, a 54-yard pass to Capital’s Grady Lindekugel, who ran it 15 yards down the line into Yelm’s end zone with 5 minutes left in the third quarter, would narrow Yelm’s lead to 35-14. 

Yelm wouldn’t go scoreless in the third quarter, though. A handoff by Hoffmann to Amendt would allow him a rush down the middle and down the line 40-yard rush, locking in a touchdown. This brought Yelm up further, 42-14, with a complete kick. 

Going into the fourth, Yelm turned up the heat. 

After securing an interception Osso intercepted a throw on Yelm’s own 39-yard line. Hoffmann would find a pass off to Franklin, who would bring a 57-yard rush into Capital territory and through to the end zone. 

Yelm head coach Jason Ronquillo said while the boys showed tenacity in the first half, he walked away from the game wanting more from the Tornados’ second-half performance. 

“I thought it was a tale of two halves,” he said. “I thought in the first half we executed really well in all three phases. I think in the second half, we just played really undisciplined.”

Amendt led the Tornados in rushing, with 18 carries for over 200 yards. Hoffmann went 7 for 14 on passing, and Osso led Yelm with 11 tackles, one pick and two fumble recoveries. 

The Tornados will host the North Thurston Rams (0-3) next Friday, Oct. 11. 

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