As they called for inclement weather, many of us prepared for it. People stocked up on food and water. Some bought generators, while others simply fueled and tested theirs. A few of us ensured we had plenty of flashlights and batteries. Some even thought of charging portable chargers and other rechargeable things. 

All this to be ready in case there are power outages.

During this past hunting season, I similarly prepared as we took my truck deep into the wild. We went places where there is no phone signal, and where few people go. Few vehicles can go to the remote places we dared try. So, it was necessary to be adequately fueled and to store blankets, food and more. 

Shortly after a hunting trip, I spent some time loading and unloading things in the dark and had to leave my lights on a lot. I wasn’t worried about running my battery down. I had one of those little emergency power banks that can jumpstart a bus.

So, my battery was too depleted to start my truck. No worries. I had a plan.

This was a learning moment. Two youths were with me, helping with all the lifting. I told them I had a plan.

I pulled out my portable power bank and began to explain. I told them the little thing could actually jumpstart even commercial vehicles, so we had no concerns. I showed them how to hook up the cables, how to initiate and how to jumpstart. They watched with eager expectation.

I’m not sure how it happened, but my power bank wasn’t charged enough. 

It didn’t work. 

Like I said, this was a learning moment. It wasn’t like I had planned, but I certainly learned from it.

You see, when you need a jumpstart with your power bank, your power bank needs to be fully charged. It doesn’t work, otherwise. Imagine if I discovered the need for a jumpstart while way out in the wild on a hunting trip where no one knew where we were, and few could even get there. I’m thankful I discovered the power bank was dead when I was in town. Otherwise, things could have been much worse.

Similarly, God provides a way for us to be prepared when crises come. He wants to keep us recharged so that we will be ready no matter what happens. So, He’s got it set up for our success — if we’re smart enough to recharge in advance.

The problem is we often fail to do so. When we fail to recharge as God wants, we aren’t able to get going the way we’re supposed to when hard times come.

There are many things God has for us to do to be equipped well for this life on earth. They absolutely include reading, studying and knowing the Bible; and praying, regularly and consistently. I would submit to you there is another, which is crucial, and it’s a big part of spiritual recharging.

Fellowship is key. 

Hanging out with other Christians is huge. We need each other (more on that next week). That’s clear with all the “one another” commands in the New Testament.

Heavily emphasized in Hebrews 10:25-27, God commands His people to keep meeting together. Christians regularly do this in churches every Sunday. It’s necessary in order to keep recharged.

Learn from my mistake. Make sure you’re recharged when you need it. Worship and serve with a loving church as often as you can. Then you might be prepared when crises come. Storms are here and coming. Don’t presume you’ll be OK if you’ve not ensured recharging. Let Christ recharge you!


Pastor Jeff Adams is a professional Christian counselor who travels the world teaching but serves our community. His column appears weekly. He can be reached by email at


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