Grant opportunities for local small businesses and child care providers are now available through the Thurston Strong COVID-19 economic recovery initiative, according to a July 22 update on the three new programs. 

Additional information can be found online at 

Businesses with 25 or fewer employees that operate in Thurston County may be eligible for a $1,500 micro-business startup grant. 

Eligible needs and expenses for these businesses include rent or mortgage support, location cleaning, safety supplies, inventory purchasing, physical site reconfiguration, business licensing or other related fees, employee assistance or other compelling expenditures. 

Ineligible expenses include owner or employee wages or needs that existed before the pandemic. 

Applications will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis. 

Thurston Strong is also offering a grant opportunity for child care providers that operate within the county. 

Eligible expenses and ineligible expenses are similar to the micro business grants.

Grant amounts will be distributed based on provider size and range from $760 to $15,200, according to Thurston Strong. 

The Thurston Community Foundation also recently announced a grant program for nonprofits facing difficulties during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

It’s anticipated a total of $400,000 will be released in increments of $1,500 to $5,000, according to an update by Thurston Strong. 

Nonprofits in Thurston, Mason and Lewis counties will be eligible, and applications will be accepted from July 20 through Sept. 4. 

For more information, visit www.the community 

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