Details for 116703 Summons SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION NO. 952038538 To Hye Young


116703 Summons SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION NO. 952038538 To Hye Young Olson I have started a court case by filing a petition. The name of the Petition is: Respondent's Motion to Modify/Terminate order for Protection Effective more than Two Years and Notice of Hearing. You must respond in writing if you want the court to consider your side. Deadline! Your Response must be filed and served within 60 days of the date this Sumons is published. If you don't file and serve your Response or a Notice of Appearance by the deadline: No one has to notify you about other hearings in this case, and The court may approve the requests in the Petition without hearing your side. Read the Petition and any other documents that were filed at court with this Summons. You can get the Response form and other forms you may need at: The Washington State Courts: Serve copy of your Response to the person who filed this Summons at the address below. For more information on how to serve, read Superior Court Civil Rule 5. File your original Response with the court clerk at this address: Superior Court Clerk, Thurston County 2801-32nd Avenue SW Tumwater Wa 98512 Pub: Nisqually Valley News December 17, 24 & 31, 2020 January 7, 14 & 21, 2020


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