Lan Nguyen wanted to own a business where he managed and his wife used her expertise. They found that balance by starting Black and White Nail Spa LLC.

“My wife does nails, so we just happened to drive by and we found this place,” Nguyen said, adding that he and his wife thought that the location next to Safeway off of Yelm Avenue was the perfect place for a nail salon.

Lacey residents, Nguyen and his wife, Le Tran, ventured into Yelm after hearing less than stellar reviews for other similar shops in the area, he said.

“A lot of people are around here so we went on Facebook and found a lot of comments about nails here — that Yelm needed more and better service,” Nguyen said. “I just want to let people know, that it seems like a lot of people go somewhere else to get their nails done. A lot of people would drive 30 minutes, so we are bringing people here.”

Nguyen opened shop on Dec. 19, and for the grand opening deal, all services are 30 percent off until the end of the month.

Instead of walking into other nail salons and seeing the specials and prices listed everywhere on the walls, Black and White boasts a menu of services.

“This is very different than what you see from other nail salons,” Nguyen said of his menu. “There, you come in and you see the price. To me, that’s cheap. This is much nicer.”

On the menu, Black and White offers prices for various manicures, pedicures, waxing options from eyebrow to Brazilian, dipping powder, acrylic nails, services for kids and more.

“I do business differently,” Nguyen said. “We do things professionally, and we don’t wait for the customer to come to us. We bring it to the customer but do the best quality work. If you do good service, people will come back. We are willing to invest. We do it the right way. We run it like a traditional American shop. Just come and try us out.”

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