Those that want to do a project around their property, but don’t have the tool or equipment to get the job done no longer have to leave the area to rent that equipment. 

Chuck Rogers, owner of AR Hay Farms, has started a new business called DIY Rentals next to Jenny’s Barnhouse in McKenna. The business opens its doors for the first time at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 10, and will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday every week.

“Honestly, I started AR Hay Farms and I got bored with it, so my wife runs that now,” Rogers said. “Then I started the trucking company — I’ve got five semis that run everyday, and I kind of got bored of that. So now I’m starting DIY Rentals. It’ll be some kind of new adventure.”

Over the years, Rogers said that he accumulated a lot of tools and equipment, primarily from the hay company. Now, he is looking to make a profit by renting all that equipment out. 

“Customers would be using my equipment for any kind of dirt work,” Rogers said. “We’ve got bulldozers to clear land, we’ve got excavators to dig ditches, we’ve got bobcats to spread gravel, we’ve got rototillers for gardens and all kids of hand tools and air tools. We’ve got machinery all the way from a little tiny excavator to dig a little ditch in somebody’s front yard, to a 300 that weighs 100,000 pounds.”

Other equipment and tools he has to rent out include car trailers, dump trailers, chainsaws, demo saws, cutoff saws, drills, air compressors, an 80-foot man lift, farm equipment, hay cutters, hay rakes, silage wrappers, attachments for skid steers, grapple buckets, ground bale clamps, box scrapers, back blades, riding lawnmowers, weed eaters, generators, air nailers, framer guns, fans and posthole diggers, among other equipment.

He is also selling propane for 40 to 50 cents a gallon cheaper than competitors, he said. 

“There’s going to be deposits on everything for damages,” Rogers said. “The more the value is, the more the deposit is. If they come in here and rent an air nailer, that gun is a $500 gun, so there is probably going to be a $300 deposit even though it will only cost them $25 to rent it for the day. As soon as they bring it back in good, working order they will get their deposit back.”

There will be daily, weekly and monthly rates for the equipment. The longer a person rents something out, the better the deal he or she is going to get.

“My prices will definitely be lower than other rental companies in Olympia or Chehalis, or wherever,” Rogers said. “Basically I am going off of what they rent for and marking the price down by 10 to 15 percent to keep the customers local.”

And as the business picks up, Rogers said he wants to fill out his inventory even further. 

“I only have about 60 percent of the stuff I want to have, so over the next year, I’ll keep adding inventory,” Rogers said. “If people come in and say, ‘I need this,’ but I don’t have it — then I’ll put it on a list and get it as soon as I can.”

Rogers is confident that this business will be a good year-round venture, citing the fact that people are always building houses and doing improvements to their properties. 

“So if a customer wants to put a fence up, but they don’t want to dig the holes by hand, they can come down and rent a tractor with an auger and drill all their fence post holes,” Rogers said. “You’ve also got people who are building a little shed and want an air nailer so they don’t have to pound all the nails by hand — they can come down and rent one.”

He also pointed out that there are storms during the winter time and people could use his equipment to clean up possible damage. 

“If somebody has a big tree fall down and they want to cut it up, but they don’t want to spend $800 on a chainsaw, they can come down and rent one for 50 bucks,”  Rogers said.

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