Nisqually Valley Brewing Company

John Johnson shows off his brewing setup from inside his garage for Nisqually Valley Brewing Company.

Nisqually Valley Brewing Company may have recently closed its storefront off of Yelm Avenue, but that doesn’t mean the business is done brewing.

John Johnson, owner, said the change is a positive move for the company, which opened the tap house March 3, 2018.

“Originally when we opened, we opened as a brewery/tap house — the first one in Yelm,” Johnson said. “A little after being open for a year, we decided to shut down the tap house part and just focus on the brewing.”

Nisqually Valley Brewing Company

John Johnson displays part of his brewing system for Nisqually Valley Brewing Company.

Johnson said the tap house is a full workload in and of itself, not to mention the business of brewing from his garage and the full-time jobs he and his wife work.

“We decided to pull back and just focus on the brewing,” he said. “That’s what we wanted in the first place — a brewery — and not a bar or a tap house.”

He said that running the tap house was kind of fun, but it was too much work for a balanced life. Now, the company focuses on the wholesale aspect of brewing.

Johnson said that other than building a wholesale clientele, he and his wife will be focusing on private events and local festivals.

And the brewing continues.

“Tonight I am going to brew up my kolsch (style beer), my quaffers kolsch — it’s one of our flagship beers — and I have a red ale and a hefeweizen that are fermenting, and an IPA that just got done fermenting.”

He said this means he has one batch ready and a couple that are almost ready.

Those interested in purchasing beer from Nisqually Valley Brewing Company can contact the business through Facebook.

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