Scatter Creek

Brad Mace, employee of Scatter Creek Winery and Brewery, pours a glass of wine at the shop.

Scatter Creek Winery and Brewery originally opened in February 2005 as the first garage winery in the greater Tenino area.

“It was weird,” said Andrea Keary, owner of Scatter Creek Winery and Brewery with her husband Terril. “It was different. We were kind of quirky. I would say that we were trend-setting. For every negative Nancy, we had a thousand that said they loved what we were doing.”

The company’s current shop location can be found at 237 Sussex Ave. W., right in the heart of downtown Tenino. According to Keary, the business sees most of its clientele on the weekend, as it is a destination of sorts for people all over the state.

Scatter Creek

Terril Keary, owner of Scatter Creek Winery and Brewery with his wife Andrea, shows off his brewing capabilities at the shop.

Relatively new for Scatter Creek is its brewery, which opened in November 2017. It was just the second business of its type in Washington state when all the paperwork for the brewery side of the business was complete, Keary said.

“From the time we opened our doors, we wanted to do both wine and beer, producing our own,” she said.

However, at the time of their opening in 2005, the state would only let them do one or the other. Since Washington wine was booming at the time, they decided to go with the winery and put the brewery on hold. Now that they have both wine and beer, the Kearys get to work on perfecting beer, in addition to their efforts with wine.

Offering both wine and beer is a way to cater to their customer-base, which is the heart of the company, Keary said.

“So for many of our people, you have one who loves the wine and one who loves beer,” she said. “It depends on your mood, on the season.”

Keary said the business is a “micro-nano” brewery that is growing as the company can afford to do so. They aren’t in a hurry. They just want to get it right.

The company currently does a German authentic Bavarian hefeweizen that’s popular and is just now launching a gluten-free beer to add to the tap. While the company does have an IPA, it isn’t the focus.

In addition, a man from Anacortes came in the store recently and told the Kearys that he’d heard about the company’s dark beers by reputation, that its porters and stouts were top notch.

On the wine side of things, Scatter Creek offers traditional whites and reds, but also does middle-of-the-road wines for the fun and fruity taste buds. The company’s most sought-after white is its Gewürztraminer, called Valley, which was aged with elderberry flowers. As for reds, Dave’s Rajin Red is ever-popular, a blend of Shiraz, merlot and cabernet sauvignon.

Also, Keary said the Stone Cutter wine offers a burst of blackberry and raspberry on the front, but isn’t too sweet. She said people are finding it new and exciting.

“The winery and the brewery are just hand in hand,” Keary said. “Our number one motto is ‘Experience the Creek.’ When you walk in here, I want you to feel like you’ve had a break from your everyday life.”

She said one of the best ways to “Experience the Creek” is to attend one of the businesses’ many events, or to become a club member in the company’s Grapes and Grains Club.  Valued over $300, the basic package sells for $169 plus tax for a year, offering eight bottles of the customer’s choice throughout the year as well as tastings, parties and discounts.

To learn more about the products, services and events available at Scatter Creek Winery and Brewery, email or visit and inquire through the “contact us” tab.

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